Wellness Week @Leventhorpe

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This week has been a fantastic Wellness Week of fun and enjoyable activities at Leventhorpe!

We kicked off the week with school assemblies given by the Senior prefects who had also organised (and supervised) a range of wellness events for students to enjoy at lunch times throughout the week.  Ranging from origami to Minecraft, stone painting to board games, colouring to bake sales, there was something for everyone!

The Sixth Form vs. Staff football rematch was won by the students which made everyone feel great!

On Friday, the Sixth Form took part in a Quiz in the Common Room which resulted in some serious competitive sides being shown!

The main message to all students was that stress and anxiety are part of normal life, but if you notice that these feelings are starting to overwhelm you there are things that you can do to make you feel better like meeting friends, playing games, doing something creative or speaking to someone you trust.

Can you find any of our friendship stones out in Sawbo this weekend?