SEND / Learning Support

Learning Support and English Skills
Mrs A McFarlane Learning Support Lead
Mrs L Price Deputy Headteacher, SENCo

The Learning Support Department provides learning support for those children who have special educational needs as defined by the current Code of Practice.  We are also available to assist any student in the school who may require support at any time during their school career.

Please visit our Statutory Information page for the school's Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Report and for the school's SEND Governing Body Policy by clicking HERE.

How to contact us:

For information, advice and appointments please phone the School Office and ask to be transferred to the SEND Office.  Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to Mrs A McFarlane, our Learning Support Lead, for an appointment. 

In-class Support

This school has an inclusive approach to teaching and learning.  Students are generally supported in-class as this ensures that all students have full access to the whole school curriculum.  All teachers have copies of the School’s Learning Support Register which details the difficulties of the student and strategies to assist their learning.  Further information may be obtained from the following sources.

Dyslexia Action (formerly the Dyslexia Institute)The British Dyslexia AssociationDyscalculia informationDyspraxia FoundationNational Autistic SocietySpeech and LanguageADHD


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