LevFest 2022 1


At Leventhorpe there is a flourishing PTFA to which all parents automatically belong.

The membership of the committee changes from year to year but we seem always to have the same active and energetic spirit pervading the Association. The very high level of resources and equipment enjoyed in the school is due, in good part, to the partnership with the PTFA.

Their support encompasses much more than fundraising. Visit any school event from Parents' Consultation Meetings to drama productions and the PTFA are always significant contributors to the success of the venture. Whether it is making costumes, applying makeup, or serving coffee, the partnership between school and home which is central to our philosophy shines through in the PTFA.

Chair Vanda Duarte
Vice Chair Sheila Nash
Treasurer Sandra Nicholls
Secretary Kathryn Harrison
Uniform Sheila Nash  (Samantha Smith - school ties)