Exam Information

Summer 2024 Exams

Public Examinations

9th May 2024 – Date of first examination on common timetable – GCSE

13th May 2024 – Date of first examination on common timetable – A Level

19th June 2024 – Date of final examination on common timetable – GCSE

25th June 2024 – Date of final examination on common timetable – A Level

Exam Contingency Sessions

The exam timetable contains 3 contingency sessions on the afternoons of 6th and 13th June, and all day on 26th June.  These sessions would be used in the unlikely event that an exam had to be moved nationally because it could not take place when planned. Students must be available for all 3 contingency sessions even if they do not have exams scheduled on that day.  These sessions cannot be used to reschedule an exam that students have missed.


Summer 2024 GCSE Exams Timetable

Summer 2024 A-Level Exams Timetable


Results Days 2024

A Levels

15th August 2024 – Release of results to candidates


22nd August 2024 – Release of results to candidates

Regulations & Advice

Post Results Services


If you are unhappy with your examination results and think there may have been a mistake made by the examination board there are several routes open to you.
Firstly, speak to or email your subject teacher or the Head of Faculty.  Get their opinion on how you performed and whether they think some sort of enquiry into your results is worthwhile.  It’s important to remember that marks and grades can go down as well as up and for many of the post-results services there is a cost.  However, if there is a grade change you will receive a full refund.

There are several different types of post-results services:

Access to Scripts

The exam board will supply a copy of your marked exam script/paper.  This can be helpful for you to look at to see if it is worth applying for any other post-results services.

Clerical Re-Check

A post-results service to check all the clerical procedures were carried out, such as all pages were marked, all marks were counted and added up correctly and the result matches the marks on the paper.

Review of Marking

This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly.
If you are a Year 13 student and have a university place waiting on the result it is possible to request a priority remark which the awarding bodies will prioritise.  You can also request a copy of your exam script after the review.
For the priority service and the post-review copy of script there will be additional charges.

The charges and deadlines for each service will be provided with your exam results.  It is important to remember that the cost for each service is for each paper and not for the whole qualification.  For example, GCSE English Language consists of two papers, each paper is a separate enquiry and therefore has a separate cost. 

If you decide that you want to request a post-results service please ensure that you follow the steps detailed below:

  • Complete the form that was included with your exam results.  Most of the information you need is on the provisional statement of results you received on results day. 
  • Ensure you complete every section including the box giving your consent, without this we cannot process your application.
  • Calculate the total cost payable for the post-result service and make payment by bacs (the bank details are on the forms you were given with your results) Your application cannot be processed until you have made your payment. 
  • Email your completed application to vxh@leventhorpe.net where we will check that we have received your payment and that the form has been completed accurately. You will then be sent an acknowledgement email and your application will be sent to the appropriate awarding body.
  • Once we have received the outcome of the post-results service you have requested, we will forward this onto you at the email address you have provided. If you are moving on from Leventhorpe, we will request that you include an alternative contact e mail address other than your school e mail. 

For GDPR reasons we can only accept a post-results application from candidates; we cannot accept applications from parents/carers on your behalf.


Examination certificates will be available for collection from the main school reception from Monday 11th December until Wednesday 20th December for students that have left Leventhorpe.  Students who are currently in our Sixth Form will need to collect theirs from Ms Bartlett between the dates listed above.  You will be asked to sign for your certificates and will need to bring identification with you.  If someone is collecting on your behalf, you must inform the exams officer in writing to confirm who is collecting and when.  They will be required to bring photo ID with them. 

If you do not collect your certificates between the dates listed above, you will be required to email the examinations office vxh@leventhorpe.net to book in a time when you can collect them. 

Following exam board guidelines, we are only required to store certificates for a year.  If you do not collect your certificates you will need to approach the examination boards directly for replacements at a significant cost.


Internal Appeals Procedure 23-24