Food plays an important part of our school day, and we encourage a strong healthy eating ethos amongst staff and students alike. 

In addition to complying with Government regulations, as a school, we have standards of our own. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are sourced from the UK and where possible locally and with the exception of lamb (sourced mainly from New Zealand) and our fresh meat is also sourced from the UK. 

“The School Food Trust's new standards for school lunches are an important step in getting children to eat better and in turn, do better. Measures like less salt, sugar and saturated fat are common sense but will make the world of difference. Feeding children on crisps and cola is like running cars on crude oil, they just won't work."

Gary Rhodes.

Dining Room Services


Our daily breakfast service open from 8 am and has become increasingly popular with all our ‘early birds’, both staff and students. Bacon rolls, a range of delicious pastries as well as egg and sausage muffins are amongst some of the things on offer. 

Mid-morning break

This service is an important part of the day, especially for those who have missed breakfast! Hot pizza bagels, panini, bacon rolls, and even giant pretzels are served each day with a variety of freshly baked baguettes and sandwiches as well as freshly prepared fruit salads. 


Remaining busy this service offers an extensive array of food and drink whether you have time for a plated hot lunch, filled jacket potato, pizza, pasta bowl or simply prefer a sandwich, baguette or salad bowl from our Salad Bar. 


As always, Leventhorpe offers balanced meals at real value for money. Our HOT DEAL offer includes: 

  • Main Course/Vegetarian/Snack from the traditional main servery 

  • Potato & Vegetable/Salad option 

  • Hot pudding/Yoghurt/Fresh Fruit or Fruit Salad 

Other choices of lunch e.g. Baguette, Salad Bowls, Pasta/Jackets and a selection of cold desserts will be charged for individually. 

Cashless Catering

Students pay for their food by simply placing their enrolled finger on a fingertip scanner. No cash or swipe card is required. The VeriCool software has a digital signature of your child’s middle fingertip, which is then broken down into data points, similar to reference points on a map. VeriCool then turns these into an alphanumeric string, which is then encrypted and stored on our own school server. 

No one has access to this information and the stored data points can never be viewed as anything other than a string of numbers and letters, so please be assured this software is very secure and for school use only. 

ParentPay is the school's preferred method for receiving all payments, including catering payments. ParentPay is an online payment system, which enables parents to make payments online directly to their child’s account. For more information please visit ParentPay using the link below. There is a daily spend limit set for all students which will be £7.00. We can increase/decrease this for individuals if requested. 


The benefits of cashless catering are:

  • As each child pays the same way, no one knows who does and who does not receive the free school meal (FSM) allowance.  

  • It offers the opportunity to remove many of the associated issues found when using cash in schools, i.e. theft or bullying. 

  • We will have the option to allocate healthy eating points for specific items on the menu to encourage healthy eating. 

  • All transactions are recorded so we are able to look at healthy eating trends. 

  • The system speeds up the lunchtime queues.