Help for the Ukraine

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As the situation in Ukraine continues, we are seeing more and more individuals and families affected by the war.  It seemed right, therefore, that as a school community we show show our support and try to do something to help. 

On Friday 11th March we held a non-uniform day for students and staff.  We asked that students and staff make a contribution via ParentPay of at least £2 and the response from this was incredible with a total of over £5,500 raised!

The school held a very successful production of Matilda last week where we successfully raised additional funds for the school.  We decided to add these funds to the donations collected from the non-uniform day to make the total money raised for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal over £7,500!

Following on from this, Leventhorpe also agreed to to help the humanitarian crisis and the people seeking refuge from the war by becoming a collection point for emergency supplies being delivered to the Polish/Ukrainian border.

We appealed for donations of first aid and toiletry supplies as well as batteries, torches and nappies.  Once again, the support and generosity shown by our staff, students, parents and the wider local community was overwhelming.  Indeed, so many supplies were collected that the organisers are now sourcing a bigger van!

We would like to say thank you to our wonderful Leventhorpe community for its kindness and efforts to help the people of the Ukraine.  Our thoughts are with those refugees who have been forced from their homes as well as those still fighting for their country.