Celebrating World Book Day 2022!

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What a fantastic way to celebrate World Book Day!

This morning, Year 7 students were treated to a visit from Joe Craig, author of the exciting and much loved Jimmy Coates series, who came to talk to them about being a writer and sign copies of his books on request.

We always look forward to this event and this year was no different:  Joe enthralled the students with his hilarious stories of how he became an author and captivated them with his ability to create complex and funny narratives with just a few prompts from the students.

Then, at 11.15am the school bell rang to mark 'Stop Everything and Read!'  No matter what the lesson, this was a time to down tools or taketime out to get our reading books and immerse ourselves in a novel, just for fifteen minutes.

Finally, at lunchtime, students had the opportunity to go on a Blind Date...with a book!  Students could chose a book but without seeing either it's cover or blurb and only a brief description to go by.  We look forward to hearing how well the blind dates went!

All in all, it has been a fun and action packed World Book Day!