Revolting children, riveting show!

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On Monday, a packed audience attended the opening night of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, to watch the talented cast of 2022 perform Tim Minchin’s musical masterpiece at Leventhorpe school.

Our students did not disappoint.

Emily charmed the audience as the intelligent Matilda Wormwood, and Jed portrayed a thoroughly dislikeable yet captivating Miss Trunchbull. Isabel’s Miss Honey was entirely believable as the sweet-natured, kind, and compassionate teacher, and Olly had the audience laughing hysterically at his snake hips; his ‘energy certainly did flow’

Both Daniel and Solene were splendid in their roles as Matilda’s escapologist and acrobat, and Charlotte dazzled as the loveable librarian, Mrs Phelps. Performed perfectly by Jess, Ben and Sid, the Wormwood family’s comic timing was impressive; there was nothing ‘backward’ about this performance! 

Will’s pitch-perfect voice as Bruce had the audience clapping delightedly, and the superb cast of the Big Kids and Little Kids entertained wonderfully as the mischievous and defiant students at Crunchem Hall.

The band put on a remarkable display, performing Tim Minchin’s enchanting soundtrack with professionalism and gusto. The efficient stage management, sound, and special effects heightened this magical show and ensured audience members were surprised and thrilled throughout the performance (no spoilers here!).

The successful opening night is yet another triumph for the resilient, talented, and hard-working staff and students of Leventhorpe School; there’s not a ‘maggot’ among them!

The night was made that little bit sweeter by the array of confectionery and beverages served before the show. Bruce’s chocolate cake was a hit at the interval, though much like Bruce, ‘I think you’ll want your trousers loose.’

We know it’s a school night, but in the words of Matilda, ‘Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.’ And don’t forget, we have the wonderful Cecily playing the part of Matilda on Tuesday and Thursday evening.

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