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Inspired by the book entitled 'Flanimals', by Ricky Gervais, as part of their Hideous and Horrible unit, Year 8 were set a task to create their own Flanimal and write a description of their Flanimal.

A competition ensued with winners chosen in two categories for best model and best story.

Flanimal overall winners:

Model Winner - Charlotte Jones 8R - The Three Footed Dribbler (picture below)
Story Winner - Samara Keyser 8B - "Candler" 

Winners from each class were also chosen and were as follows: 
Joseph O’Rourke & Olivia Kamionka, Sophie Stephenson & James Green, Skye Pearcey & Luca Cusick, Fred Simpson, Taylor Coxall & Renita Jayaprakash, Josh Parry-Davies, Keira Harrington & Maisie Hawkes, Joshua French & Chloe Saunders

Well done everyone!  Some amazing work!

Below is the winning story, by Samara Keyser:

A candler is a grotesque creature.  It’s names originates from it’s shocking resemblance to a melting candle.  A candler, despite it’s disgusting appearance, has a very sad origin story.  Most candlers, when changed into the putrid thing, are mere toddlers.  This change occurs when a human cries so much in anguish that other flanimal species turn their tears to acid, in order to put them out of their misery.  But the blinding pain just causes more tears because, you see, a child cannot comprehend that their tears are, in fact, causing the problem.
When the tears finally stop and their skin appears to be melting off in a ghastly way they are beyond recognition and are abandoned by their parents.
They scour the earth far and wide searching in desperation for someone to teach them how to grow up, all the while their disfigured bodies grow older.
Candlers’ skin, when touched, leaves acid-like burns on a person.  They have a revolting aroma around them at all times that in mild cases causes someone to be sick, whilst in extreme cases, can cause death.  Their skin often melts right off their fingertips and legs onto the ground – leaving a toxic trail in their wake.  It is common for their eyes and noses to cave in, leaving a hollow, skeleton-like face.  Not only do they have all those repulsive features they also make a horrible wailing sound that is so high in pitch it can cause ear drums to burst.
Their depressing existence causes fear all around.  Not so much of them but of becoming them.