G.I. Lawrence Plays His Part

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Last week, two Year 9 History groups were treated to an unusual and interesting lesson by an American G.I!

Ben Lawrence in Year 13 has a fascinating hobby; he is a Second World War reenactor who portrays the American aspect, in particular the United States Army Air Force and United States Army. 

And it was in full american army uniform dress that he delivered his lesson to Year 9, during which students were taught about the basic equipment issued to a frontline G.I. from 1941 - 1944. 

Ben also collects original artifacts and memorabilia with the intent of educating current and future generations which he brought along to the lesson.  Students were able to feel the material for themselves and get a real understanding of what it must have been like to be a soldier in the second world war. 
In particular the students were shown equipment from the D-Day Landings, which itself was a turning point in the Second World War.

Ben, quite literally, brought history to life for Year 9, who remained spellbound throughout the entire lesson!