Maths In Action

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On 18th November, a large group of Year 12 and 13 Maths students attended a Maths in Action conference in London.  The day included a series of mini lectures all aimed at explaining some interesting aspect of maths and how you can continue your maths education after A levels.

Our speakers included: Sophie Harker who spoke to us about the aerospace industry and the breakthrough she and her team have made, Karen Page who spoke to us about game theory and how we can actually represent our evolutionary traits based on a system of games, Alex Bellos who loves a mathematical puzzle and demonstrates how even if you dont use the actual lesson you will learn the problem solving skills that are picked up on the way, Ben Sparks who look at the art behind maths and how it can be an amazing source of beauty if you look behind the algebra and Kyle Evans who spoke to us about Viral maths and why some questions get such a following on social media. 

Danny Bill said 'the day was informative and entertaining'

Woody Hudson reckoned it was 'the best maths in action day i have been on'


Matthew Morrissey, who is looking at doing engineering at university, 'enjoyed watching the aerospace engineering talk'