Charity Week Day 2 - Zorbing and Sponging!

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Day 2 of Charity Week brings another day of fun with inflatable fights and teeth-chatteringly cold teacher sponging!

Our first event was the teacher Zorbing which saw the Red Team and the Blue Team fighting it out over Bulldog and Footie...with a special prize for the first goal scored.

Our participating spherical teachers were Mr Daws, Mr McGee and Mrs Morris in the Blue Team vs. Mr Kitson, Mr Martin and Miss Costin for the Reds!   And following a good deal of roly poly, argie bargie and general foul play thoughout the competition, the Red Team proved to have the upper hand winning both matches.  Well done you reds!  And the special 1st goal prize went to Mrs Morris...who surprised everyone, including herself!

At lunchtime, we held the firm favourite event of Teacher Sponging, on the Piazza, where students could pay to get their own back and throw a cold wet sponge at the line-up!  In the firing range were Mrs Morris, Mr Hayward, Ms Pagram, Miss Costin and Mr Francis...and in pride of place (the stocks!) Mr White himself was the prime target.

Some students favoured the sponge while others took the bucket or hose for an extra donation but it's fair to say that nothing and no one was left dry!  Check out the clips below for some slow-mo moments!

Below the Belt!

Mrs Morris Gets It!

Poor Ms Pagram!

We are well on our way to reading our fundarising target already this week and we would like to thank all students and their parents for their support and generosity - please keep it up!  And remember: Only 3 days left to buy Raffle tickets!