Bringing digital to life!

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Today, our Year 9 iMedia students have been challenged to find a digital solution to the greatest envionmental challenge the world has ever faced: climate change.

During the one day workshop, in conjunction with Studio 24, students have been encouraged to research, brainstorm and create digital ideas and solutions in order to raise awarenes and influence behaviour in the public.

Sometimes, the simplest of ideas can make the biggest of differences, which is what this project is all about.

The UK's digital economy has been growing at twice the rate of the broader economy. But unless we fix the skills shortage, that can’t continue. Digital Day encourags more young people to discover the potential of a digital career.  And with every passing year, it matters more than ever.

Our students are competing in a nationwide digital challenge that brings digital to life.  The only initiative of its kind, BIMA Digital Day, sponsored by the WWF, gives 11-16 year olds an insight into a world of digital careers and is a day that has the potential to change lives!