Year 12 Photography

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Year 12 Photography Projects

Year 12 photography students have been producing some fantastic work.  They have been exploring the elements of art in their photography and are beginning to work on an editorial photoshoot.  

Josh Meerloo (12R)

Josh explained his piece of work - 'Life, death and symmetry in the natural world'

"I tied leaves around the end of the lens and then I set up a warm ambient light underneath the natural form to illuminate the subject matter, I then took many photos until I got this special one".

John meerloo resize

Matthew Peasey (12F)

Matthew explained his piece of work - 'Foil'

"This photo is about capturing different coloured lights off of different types of material. It was captured on a standard DSLR with me changing the ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed of the camera to achieve different types of effects".

Matthew Peasey foil resize

Matthew Peasey (12F)

Matthew explained his piece of work - 'Car'

"This photo is all about making a model car look like a real car by using different coloured lighting.  Again, I captured on a standard DSLR camera and the different coloured lights were just my phone projecting different colours”.

Matthew Peasey car resize 

Nafisah Ahmed (12C)

Nafisah explained her piece of work - 'Teapot'

"I have been exploring manual camera settings on the DSLR, I used a high ISO and a low aperture with an auto shutter-speed.  I used colour lighting to create the neon purple effect. The result was a really saturated image like the bio luminescent creatures at the bottom of the ocean"

Nafisah Ahmed resize

Well done to all the students!

Mrs White, Head of Art & Design