Mental Health Awareness Week 5-9 October

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As part of our ongoing effort in supporting student’s mental health and wellbeing and to tie in with World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10th October we are launching our first Mental Health Awareness week on Monday 5th October. This week will see a specific focus in form times on awareness of different and relevant mental health issues that students may come across in their time with us or when moving through life.

The culmination of this week will be on Friday 9th October. As we are unable to have non-uniform day due to Covid, we will be asking students to wear something green along with their full school uniform.  We are asking for a donation of £2 which will go directly to our chosen charity YCT. Please find more information about the fantastic work YCT do at: Students also have the opportunity to purchase a green Leventhorpe Mental Health Awareness wristband.  This can be worn as the item of green or alongside something green on the Friday but can also be worn after the event as a mark of the week.  Wristbands that are purchased for £2 on ParentPay will count as the donation to YCT.  Wristbands are available from ParentPay now and we will issue the purchased bands during the week leading to Friday 9th October.

Students will also be issued with their own copy of the School Yellow Book during the week.  These books were purchased by the school to support mental health and wellbeing.  Students need to keep these books as they will be used as a resource in form times during the year.  More information about the School yellow Book can be found at:

We are really excited to be running this week and to continue to proactively tackle mental health in schools. We hope that in future years after Covid restrictions are removed this week will grow bigger and bigger and develop the offer and provision for our students.