Year 11 Revision Workshop

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On Wednesday 18th January after school, a number of Year 11 students were invited to the Sixth Form Common Room where our Year 12 Revision Taskforce gave advice and guidance on various revision techniques and when to use them.

It didn't take long for the initial nervousness and apprehension to make way for a relaxed and productive session with Year 11 students moving from table to table and hear the different presentations and instigate discussions about how best to revise for exams.

This was a great chance for Year 11 students to pick the brains of those who took their GCSE exams only 6 months ago and who better to reflect on what did and didn't work for them?

Techniques including Blurting, Mindmaps, Flashcards, Braindumps were all presented and as well as sources of information such as Websites, Podcasts and Past Papers.  Each technique has its place in the revision world and it's good to get advice on which techniques are perhaps suited to each subject and individual.

There were also top tips such as looking after yourself with healthy eating, regular breaks and being realistic with your goals which are also extremely important to take heed of when you are in the midst of study leave.

Hopefully, our Year 12s' advice and guidance will have given Year 11 some helpful advice and reassurance that they really can achieve great things with hard work and perseverance!