Leventhorpe really ARE the champions!

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New Head of Performing Arts, Mr Will Sarjeant, has certainly thrown himself Headlong into his new role at Leventhorpe School by delivering, along with his team, a truly sensational production of We Will Rock You (School Edition) the musical within just 3 months of joining us!

The audience was spellbound from the moment the live band started playing aloft the specially constructed platform above the stage.  Comprising of Nick Jones, Oliver Johnson and Olly Harding on guitars, Lilia Luxford and Charlie Wiltshire on keyboards, Arthur Cowen on drums and Mr Sarjeant himself on the piano, the talented musicians performed the entire score virtually non-stop throughout the evening and provided the cast with the iconic soundtrack faultlessly and a musical treat for every Queen fan in the room!

The perfectly harmonised and synchronised chorus had the packed audience stomping and clapping as the programmed GaGa kids and rebellious Bohemians, whilst the lead character performances showcased the amazing talents of our students.

Ben Barratt played a deliciously evil Commander Khashoggi, henchman of the truly terrifying Killer Queen (Sienna Graham) who blew our minds with her powerful vocals whist there were plenty of laughs due to Isaac Wood’s excellent comic timing as the aging librarian, Buddy.

Daniel Elsley played the ever-courageous, soft man of rock, Britney Spears, to perfection whilst his bohemian belle Ozzy Osborne (Bella Clapson)’s spine-tingling solo, No One But You, had the hairs on the back of necks stand and brought tears to the eyes of an enthralled audience.

And it has to be said that the pitch-perfect performances of Will Bray (as Galileo) and Violet Hall (as Scaramouche) and their powerful duets of Hammer to Fall and Who Wants to Live Forever left every on-looker open-mouthed with their musical performances worthy of a West End stage.

This production was an amazing, dramatical and musical treat for all those who had the fortune to see it.  It was not just a showcase of the student talent here at Leventhorpe but also of what can be achieved by our Performing Arts Department in less than one term of rehearsals.  If this show was a sign of things to come, we cannot wait to find out what is in store for us next year!