Charity Week Day 3

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Today was all about Teachers Vs. Sixth Formers!

Our virtual game shown in form time was the hilarious game of Hide & Seek in which teachers had 5 minutes in which to find a hiding place in the school and avoid being found by a team of sixth form sleuths!

Of the 12 teachers hiding, only 5 were found!  And some of those hiding places were surprising - how did the sixth formers not find Miss Rodruigez under the piano?  Or Mr Kitson behind the door?  And more surprising was that there were no lasting injuries or psychological damage from being cramped in small places....with the lost property!

But our second big challenge of the day came at lunchtime with the annual Teachers Vs. Students Football Match on the Astros.  The game kicked off to an exciting start with the teachers scoring their first goal within minutes.  And despite a pretty even match with each side giving as good as they got, the teachers managed a second goal to beat the students 2-0.

Better luck next year, students!

Don't forget to buy your raffle tickets for the big draw on Friday and it's still not too late to add your sponsorship to our epic events - Mr White's Bike Ride and the Leverest climb!