Charity Week Day 2

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...Is the question on everyone's lips this morning!  There has been a murder here at Leventhorpe but which member of staff could possibly have murdered Mr Morgan Jedward LaForce?  Was it small but deadly Mrs Tetlow?  Or his sci-fi buddy Mr Finn?  Perhaps it was the equally as folically challenged Mr Sydes or did he take too long getting Ms Simpson's tea?  And let's not forget the Spanish trip with Ms Fernandez or was it workaholic Mr Dyke?  And did Detective Superintendent Beardsworth only bring his twin brother in for questioning on the grounds of sibling rivalry?  All will be revealed this Friday....

At Breaktime, students lined up for the cake sale and were not disappointed - a delicious array of cupcakes, cakes and goodies were on offer to keep them going until lunch!

And in complete contrast, lunchtime saw a return of the Teachers v.s Food challenge.  Five fearless teachers with stomachs of steel took part in a Bushtucker Trial-type-challenge to eat revolting concoctions created by some sadistic sixthformers.  And boy, was it a challenge!  From dried fish to mushy peas and custard with a sprinkling of mealworms, this was truly a stomach-turning spectacle!  Mr Kavanagh seemed determined to break Mr Beardsworth's reign but, in the end, it was the scotch bonnet chillies that truely identified the winner of the competition and secured his unbeaten record at this challenge - Well done, Mr Beardsworth!