Charity Week 2022 Begins!

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This year's Charity Week has begun! 

With program of activities and challenges throughout the week, Leventhorpe will be fundraising for local charity The President's Sporting Club & Essex Disabled Sports Foundataion.

We kicked off with our Masked Singer virtual competition!  But which five members of staff have revealed their hidden vocal talents as well as their faces behind the masks?  Can you work out just who is Rockin' Ron, Some Bloke, Mystery Monkey, Poppin' Penguin (what a voice!?) and Disney Princess?  It's a tough one but all will be revealed on Friday morning!

At lunchtime, six more brave teachers put their senses to the test in a game of 'What's In The Box?'  Sixth formers set up a live camera for the audience to watch the action up close and students cheered on the apprehensive staff to guess what exactly it was they were touching in the mystery box!

Don't forget that we have two sponsored events taking place this week with Mr White's marathon bike ride and the Leverest climb on the stairmaster!  To sponsor these epic journeys, click on the links below and please give generously:

CLICK HERE to sponsor Mr White's marathon bike ride CLICK HERE to sponsor Sixth Formers and Staff to climb Leverest