Year 7 Football - A close-run match!

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Leventorpe 3 Marlborough 3, 5-4 on penalties  to leventhorpe

A match perspective by Alfie Harris

We had a brilliant start to the game, we pressed well as a team and had a lot of chances but just weren't clinical enough.  After about 10 minutes in, I picked up the ball at the half way line and ran past a player, giving me space to put a cross in and, fortunately for us, Marlborogh's centre-back intercepted, heading it straight into his own net, giving us the lead.

A few minutes later after a good ball to the opposition's striker gave him a powerful open shot which Aidan unfortunately conceded - a well taken goal.  Right before half time we had a corner which got cleared out and fell strait to Billy Wilkins who, having a good first touch, played it out to Billy Payne who got a cross in which I headed in, giving us the lead before half time!

After a few minutes into the second half, Marlborogh had the ball on the wide and were given a free kick.  This was taken amazingly well and no one could believe their eyes when the ball hit the back of our net!  The score was now 2-2.

About 10 minutes later, another Marborough free kick in the same area filled us with dread as we knew how good their player was and he managed to score again!

With only 5 minutes left to the whistle, Leventhorpe was getting chance after chance but it just didn’t seem to go our way.  And then, with only a minute left to go, we had a free kick right on the edge of the box.  Jaiden stepped up to it and converted it, right into the top corner!  The team was in absolute shock!  Jaiden's last-minute cracking shot had taken us down to penalties.

After our previous match, which we we lost on penalties, the team were feeling nervous and weren't confident going into the penalty shootout...

We missed our first penalty and Marborough scored theirs.  And fortunately for us we scored the next 4 of ours and Marborough only scored 3.  As it came down to sudden death Marborough missed their penalty after an amazing save from Aiden and then Lucas stepped up and leathered it into the back of the net!

Over all, I think it was a good game as it was the first time playing with different people. So, on we go to the second round and hopefully come out as winners...


Billy Wilkins, Ryan Morgan, Alfie Harris, Jaiden Dervish, Lucas Harris, Billy Payne, Aiden Smart, Jacob Souza-Smith, Louie Garnham, Logan McAllister and Johnny Millard (Yaar 7 Team, left to right)