Physics at Work 2022

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Physics Trip Account by Irede Okubadejo, 11N

On Tuesday 20th September, we embarked on a trip to Cambridge to learn about the many applications of Physics.  In school, the subject had interested me and the trip showed how versatile the field can be! 

We split of into two groups and my group went to 6 exhibitions:
First, we attended Chemistry and Physics of Solids to learn about energetic materials and how they are linked to rockets. There was a demonstration of a propellant in action to show what considerations are needed in rocketry.
Next we moved into a room where a company called MathsWorks explained their jobs and how they build Mathematical programs for other companies to use.  They talked about the move towards remote control and the need for AI to balance and adapt to different conditions. They demonstrated how their programs are used by flying a drone in the room.
Afterwards, we went to the Isaac Physics Exhibition where we practised our application of Physics knowledge and Newton's 3 laws.  We then went for a break with KitKats and squash.
After the break, we learned about Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering and its applications in vaccinations and studying diseases.
The 5th exhibition by Domino, a printing company, honestly took me by surprise.  They explained the technology behind their printing methods; using high speed electrons to print dots to form letters and numbers. Then we got to test this out by printing our names on the pens. 
Finally, we went to an exhibition where we learned about interference on 3 types of waves: light, sound and water. Each wave types had a demonstration to show the properties of each in action. We also learnt the meaning of their research category: Many-body Quantum Dynamics which is the study of the interaction of many particles working together.
I really enjoyed the day out and I recommend it to anyone who wants to go into a STEM field.

You’ll be surprised where Physics can take you.

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