Good Times Never Seemed So Good - LevFest Music is Back!

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LevFest is a summer fundraising event that takes place yearly, showcasing Leventhorpe's very best in sporting and musical talent. Sadly, Covid has meant LevFest hasn't been on for a few years, but on Friday 1st July, LevFest made its remarkable return.  

Year 7 Singing Competition

The first event of the day was the Year 7 singing contest.  Each form in year 7 sang a song of choice in the hope of winning the competition and bonus points for their House. First up was Barnard, who Rick-Rolled the entire school by singing, Never Gonna Give You Up, by Rick Astley.  We enjoyed a variety of other songs throughout the day such as Happy by Pharell Williams and Mr Blue Sky by the Electric Light Orchestra.  But the winners of the competition were Moore with their amazing performance of Sweet Caroline, which the audience loved. Congratulations, Moore!

Solo Acts​​​​

Once the sport had finished, students and families enjoyed a group of solo acts. We started with a dazzling performance by Desmond Zheng who performed Unravel on piano; he has been playing the piano for 8 whole years. We then had Emily Upton, who sang a piece from her favourite musical, Heathers. This was followed by a beautiful vocal performance by Jemima Smith singing Favourite Crime by Olivia Rodrigo. We also had an incredible performance of Telephone by Aaron, and Nuvole Bianche played by Anneka Pelley.

Battle of the Bands​​​ 

After the solo acts, we were treated to the Sunny Traders playing Wonderwall. We also had Twisted Strings playing Wicked and Trip Hazard playing Holiday. We also enjoyed music from Unknown who played Seven Nation Army and Danny California. The final and winning act was Blue Fire who played Hotel California and Everlong to end the night.

A fantastic time was had by all. 

LevFest... we want you back for good! 

Article written by Ronnie Everett, Fred Simpson & Tristan Comben, Year 8


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