Year 11 Leavers 2022

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Today we said 'Goodbye' to our amazing 2022 Year 11 cohort as they go off on study leave and the final leg of their GCSE journey!

It was an emotional day with speeches, laughter, tears and fainting...and that was just the teachers!

Leavers Day is the one day when some rules are permitted to be broken and students kept up the tradition of parading through Sawbridgeworth town with their 'enhanced' uniforms and plenty of noise!  Whistles and horns could be heard well before the impressive sight of 240 students en masse came into view!

Breakfast was served in the Sports Hall, which was decorated with balloons in the 8 house colours and Mr. White address the year before students went into their form groups for their final form time.

After a break and food from the Cube, leavers' hoodies and yearbooks were issued and shirt signing and goodbyes were exchanged.

A series of emotional and heartfelt speeches followed from Form tutors, most of whom had mentored their class for the 5 school years, and was interspersed with video messages from past tutors and, of course, the famous Year 11 vs. Year 7 student photo montage!

Mr Sydes delivered his final Head of Year speech, almost without a tear (yes, we did notice, Sir!) and it was hard to find a dry eye in the room after such a wonderful tribute to a truly exceptional year group.

The morning's finalé featured Joel Lewis' unequalled Michael Jackson tribute performance of Thriller.  What a send-off!

The staff at Leventhorpe wish every student in Year 11 the best of luck in your forthcoming exams. 

Work hard and be the best you can be.

...and we'll see you on the other side!