Science Faculty Staff List

Mrs L Chittick Head of Science - Physics Teacher
Mrs N Birt Assistant Head of Science - Head of Biology 
Mrs A Durak Physics Teacher
Mr A Oakley Biology Teacher
Mrs H Price Chemistry Teacher
Dr P Stanley KS5 Science Co-ordinator - Physics Teacher
Mr T Xavier KS3 Science Co-ordinator - Biology Teacher
Mrs G Thomas Chemistry Teacher
Mr T Hayward Biology Teacher - House Leader
Dr N Foad Chemistry Teacher
Mrs A Stark Chemistry Teacher - Enrichment and Interventions Coordinator


The Science Curriculum at Leventhorpe

Our intent at Leventhorpe is to spark students’ curiosity in science, whilst gradually building the maths, literacy, practical, and scientific enquiry skills needed for success in GCSE science and beyond.

Through teaching biology, chemistry and physics to all students we will equip students with essential knowledge and understanding about how the world around them works.

Our students will develop the skills they need to evaluate scientific claims that they are exposed to every day in the media and will go on to become scientifically literate members of society.


Key Stage 3

All content in the KS3 Science National Curriculum is covered in our KS3 schemes of work.

KS3 Science National Curriculum

  • All students in Years 7,8 and 9 are taught in mixed ability classes.
  • Year 9 covers foundational concepts required for GCSE.
  • There is a strong emphasis on the use of practical work and scientific enquiry skills are embedded in our schemes of work.
  • Assessments are based on exam-style questions as preparation for exam questions in KS4.

Key Stage 3 Term Plan

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Key Stage 4 

We follow the AQA GCSE specifications.
AQA GCSE Combined Science Specification (Double Science)
AQA GCSE Biology Specification (Triple Science)
AQA GCSE Chemistry Specification (Triple Science)
AQA GCSE Physics Specification (Triple Science)

  • Students are placed in a Foundation Combined Science, Higher Combined Science or Separate Science (Triple Science) group at the start of Year 10.
  • All required practicals are planned into our schemes of work. 
  • Assessments at the end of each topic are based on GCSE questions. 
  • There are standard home learning tasks that all students are set, these are also based on GCSE exam questions but link back to previous topics studied to build in the opportunity for ongoing revision. 
  • We have a fully planned and resourced revision programme which covers maths and scientific enquiry skills as well as science content.

Key Stage 4 Term Plan

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Key Stage 5

We follow the OCR A-Level specifications.
OCR  A-Level Biology SpecificationOCR A-Level Chemistry SpecificationOCR A-Level Physics A Specification

  • Students have 9 hours of lessons per fortnight split between 2 teachers. 
  • PAGs (practical assessments) are scheduled in to our long-term plans. 
  • Assessments at the end of each topic are based on past paper questions and interleave material from previous topics with new material.

Key Stage 5 Term Plan

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Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips

Year 7&8 Science Club runs weekly and gives students the opportunity to carry out a range of fun experiments as well as to plan and carry out their own science projects.

We also encourage KS4 and KS5 students to take part in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics challenges and Olympiads.  In addition, we will be running a CanSat project club and the CREST award.