Un día español en Londres

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The Year 10 Spanish trip recently happened and I have been asked to write about it, so this is what happened...
By William Knight, 10W 

The day of the trip finally arrived. It was an early start for some people, as we had to get to Leventhorpe at 8AM, but once we registered ourselves to the head of the trip, we were allowed on the coach. We left on time and the ride was definitely something to remember. Beginning with some fun games of Psychic, we soon turned to Karaoke with some of the greatest songs, including: Bohemian Rhapsody, Living on a Prayer, Never Gonna Give you Up and The Among Us Rap, to name a few. Soon we arrived in London. 

Once we arrived at International House, where we were going to spend the next 2 hours, we were divided into groups and sat down learning the wonderful language of Spanish. After possibly saying Oui a few too many times to the teacher, we had our lunch, which was when a few of us discovered little cones from a water cooler, over 30 had been taken by the end of our stay there. 
Once I had demonstrated how I could bite an apple in half, we were once more split into 2 groups, one went to do Flamenco Dancing, and the other to do a selfie challenge.

The group I was placed in did flamenco dancing to begin with, and it was an experience within itself!  After being tricked into sitting right at the front of the class, we were shown what flamenco dancing was all about.  Once the correct way had been shown to us, we failed miserably, but we got there eventually.  The dancing consisted of stamping feet on the ground, moving hands, and getting in touch with our inner Spaniard.  Once the dance lesson had been completed in the 90 degrees Fahrenheit room (the air con was broken but it added to the feeling of being in Spain), we moved onwards to the selfie challenge.

It started in front of the Apple Store in Covent Garden, and we had to take selfies of our whole group in front of certain things that the instructions told us about, in Spanish of course, and I quickly assembled my team.  Originally focused on trying to stuff themselves with food, I quickly changed their minds by rushing them to half of the objectives in the first 2 minutes, which is where things stagnated.  After our singing of Despacito (a Spanish song had to be sung) we had to find a person born in Spain to do a 30 second interview with.  Unfortunately, the security guard in front of the Apple Store was Brazilian.  At one point, someone in my group thought someone said yes to, “excuse me, were you born in Spain?” and screamed in delight, so loudly in pure happiness and joy that the stranger actually ran away!  We eventually got back to the Apple Store and got a mark of 40, which was the highest mark in our group.

Soon after, the other group had just finished flamenco dancing and we went to the Spanish restaurant to eat and talk about our day.  While we were eating Tapas, Lola and Adrian the flamenco teachers from earlier started “flamencing” as we called it, and even invited 2 students to flamenc with them.  The tapas, paella and churros breezed by and soon it was time to head back to Leventhorpe.

During the ride back, we were treated to a glorious view of London at night, and I discovered 3 things: how funny the Harry Hill Movie is, how far back my seat reclined and there were people sitting behind me.

The one downside of the trip was that I never managed to convince Mrs Fernandez to show us her flamenco moves.

We may not have gone to Spain but it was good to have a little bit of Spain come to us.