Masterchefs at Work!

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The smells wafting from the Food Tech room at Leventhorpe this week have been amazing!

And this was all due to the Year 11's GCSE Food & Nutrition practical exam:  Students have been given the challenge of creating a menu that is rich in calcium.  They had 3 hours in which to prepare 3 dishes - the clock was ticking and the pressure was on!

And yet, the kitchen was filled with smiles, competitiveness and of course a little bit of tension for this was their chance to show off their cooking skills and everything they have learnt.

Final dishes were plated and presented for the camera and this year's platters looked almost  too good to eat!  From creamy quiches to paletable pasta and perfect pastries, our fantastic Food Tech chefs-in-the-making have done themselves proud.  Well done for all the hard work and preparation and good luck for the remainder of your exam!