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Art Faculty Staff List

Mrs L White Head of Art / Art Photography
Mrs C Astwood Art - Textiles Teacher
Mrs J Lister Art Teacher
Ms M Pickering Art - Art Photography Teacher 
Mrs E Dixon Art Technician
Ms J Arnall Art Technician - Learning Support Assistant

Art Department Curriculum Overview:

KS3 Curriculum Overview (Years 7-9) KS4 Curriculum Overview (Years 10-11, GCSE)KS5 Curriculum Overview (Years 12 & 13, A Level)
The visual Art Department believes arts education has a vital role to play in the development of every student in school and should enable the individual to recognise its importance both as a form of communication and as a means to express ideas and emotions. 

  • The aim will be to encourage understanding and progression in the acquisition of relevant skills and the stimulation of interest in the arts that could be sustained into further and higher education and into adult life. 
  • Our aim is to offer a wide range of opportunities which can be accessed by all students and the wider community, whilst extending opportunities for talented students in the arts. 
  • Raising achievement and the profile of the art department is vital to our success both within the school and in the community more generally. 
  • Enabling students to continue to study any of the discreet subjects at a higher level through effective 6th form teaching and learning is a focus for all arts subject areas. 
  • Celebration of students work is a key area that enables students to feel that their work is valued, whether it is through exhibition of artwork or achieving academic success at exam level. 
  • We believe that assessment and evaluation of their work has a vital role to play in raising achievement. All students will be encouraged to set themselves targets that are achievable and to develop confidence in the subjects. 
  • Through the sharing of good practice within the department, within the school and within the wider community, we hope to celebrate and foster an enjoyment and interest in the visual arts and have an impact upon the teaching and learning of the whole curriculum.


  • To make sure the arts are accessible to all;
  • To create and foster a culture that celebrates achievement in the faculty for all;
  • To raise levels of achievement in the faculty at all key stages;
  • To use the arts as a platform for raising achievement across the whole curriculum;
  • To ensure that all students have the opportunity to extend their skills in the faculty;
  • To encourage students to continue with social sciences and the arts in further education and employment;
  • To raise the quality of education in the faculty and to make the faculty a model of good practice that informs and supports the whole curriculum.

Leventhorpe Art Curriculum and Pathways Visual

Please click the link below for a readable version of the curriculum and pathways visual below.

Curriculum And Pathways Visual

Staff Expertise and Facilities

In addition to the traditional art skills, the department has the facilities and staff expertise which enable students to work in a broad range of media. We provide opportunities to develop skills in ceramics and 3D work in addition to darkroom and digital photography, printmaking, screen printing and photographic screen printing. We have a Mac suite for use with A level photography and art students across the age ranges.

Extra-curricular Activities or Trips Offered

  • A varied range of extra-curricular activities and visits are organised by the department staff throughout the year, responding to current exhibitions and themes studied.
  • A number of day trips are organised for example to print studios, galleries and life drawing.
  • In school, additional opportunities are available and enable students to study through thorough revision programmes and offer students a wide range of support at all stages in their arts education.
  • KS3  Students take part in the “Big Draw” week which has become a successful community event.
  • KS4 Gallery Visit;
  • Years 12/13 Gallery visit or exhibitions – for example, Horst, Time Walker, V&A, Tate Modern.

Leventhorpe Art Online

You can follow the Art Department either via our online blog which was launched in 2013 as a platform for students' work and other exciting events going on within the art rooms.

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