Complaints Procedure


Leventhorpe endeavours to provide the best possible education for all its students in an open and transparent environment.  Each day the school makes many decisions and tries to do the best for all the students and to the community it serves.  We welcome all feedback and understand that not all of this will be positive but nevertheless important for future planning.  Please let us know your views.

We know that it can feel uncomfortable to question or challenge, but if you do not express your concerns we cannot explain or take any remedial action. Where concerns are raised the school intends for these to be dealt with fairly, openly, promptly and without discrimination.

If you are dissatisfied with the way a student is being treated, or any actions or lack of action by us, please feel able to tell us informally.  We hope that most concerns can be resolved quickly and informally by contacting your child’s Tutor or Head of Year.  In more serious instances or where we cannot reach a resolution informally then you may wish to make a complaint and the policy and procedure for doing so are below: