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Leventhorpe’s ‘Everyone’s A Performer’ Scheme

‘Leventhorpe is proud to promote instrumental music tuition as part of a rich arts-based extra-curricular offer.   We are delighted to be able to offer Year 7 students the opportunity to learn an instrument for a term for free.  This scheme runs for one term, whereby students will receive 11 lessons from a Herts Music Service teacher during school-time. 

Lesson Options

We are offering lessons on the following instruments:

Brass Woodwind Strings
Trumpet Clarinet Violin
Trombone Flute Viola
Tuba Saxophone Cello

Due to the current high demand for music lessons, we are not able to offer lessons in the following disciplines: Drums, Guitar, Piano or Voice

All lessons will be shared lessons in groups of 2 or 3.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


How will my child know when their time is?

Timetables are placed on a board in the Performing Arts Faculty. Lesson times will also be shared with form tutors and events placed on Arbor.

Where do music lessons take place?

All instrumental lessons take place in the music practice rooms situated in the Performing Arts Faculty.

Does my child need an instrument or prior tuition?

No. This scheme is open to all. Owning an instrument is not essential. The Faculty are able to provide a limited number of instruments on loan. All students will have access to an instrument for their lessons.

What do I do if my child does not wish to continue having lessons?

If your child does not wish to continue during the scheme, please inform the Performing Arts Faculty so that a student on the waiting list may be allocated.

My child has really enjoyed lessons and wants to carry on. How do I continue lessons after the scheme has finished?

All students will automatically be taken off HMS roll at the end of the Summer term. If you would like your child to continue instrumental lessons, you will need to sign-up through HMS:

When will lessons take place?

Lessons will take place during the school day. Lesson times will be rotated to ensure students do not miss the same lessons each week.

What happens if my child goes onto a waiting list?

If a student drops out or does not wish to take up their instrumental lessons, places will be allocated to those on the waiting list. We are currently looking into providing tuition next year where students may not receive lessons due to timetabling restraints. At present, we only have funding provision to provide lessons for this academic year.

What happens if my child is off school and misses their lesson?

Instrumental teachers will do their best to make up any lost tuition time where students are not at fault for non-attendance. However, as this is a one-term scheme, we cannot guarantee that instrumental teachers will be able to make up for missed lessons before the end of the academic year.

My child already has instrumental lessons. Can I get these paid for? Is my child still eligible?

Unfortunately we are unable to pay for invoices where a financial agreement has already been made between parents and HMS. However, your child is eligible to receive further instrumental tuition through LEAPS. They may choose to have additional time on their current instrument – equal to the cost of a shared lesson – or try a new instrument.