Useful Things to Know

Homework in Year 7

Homework is an essential part of any course - in Year 7 homework will normally take you around 30 minutes per subject. If you are not able to complete your homework for any reason you should bring a note of explanation from home.

We use Office 365 Teams to publish our home learning challenges to students. Every student has their own 365 account which shows them their assignments. Parents take a weekly update outlining work that has been submitted and that which hasn't been.

A short guide for parents and carers can be found here


There are lots of really interesting assemblies for you to attend. These are held on a rota basis and always have interesting and thought-provoking themes. Recent themes of assemblies have been Peer pressure and how to respond; What will you be?" Change and dealing with it and Understanding different cultures.

Lost Property

Lost property can be collected from Student Services. If you lose any belongings it is important that you check with a member of staff in Student Services before replacing lost items.

Finding Your Way Around

A school map is given to all new students but if you do get lost there is always someone to help you. You can click below if you would like to view the map before September.

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Your Tutor Group

The member of staff who will be most important to you during your time at Leventhorpe will be your Form Tutor. (S)he will see you at least twice every day, for registration, and will get to know you and help you to feel comfortable and safe during your time in school, so you can put all your effort into getting top results in your lessons.

We plan our tutor groups very carefully, trying to create a balance between putting new students with people they know from primary school and giving them the opportunity to make new friends.

School Council

The School Council allows every student at Leventhorpe to have their say about the running of the school and the opportunities on offer. Each tutor group elects Form Representatives to join the School Council. Why not put yourself forward to represent your form?

Who to Contact if you have a Problem

If you have a problem and you are not sure how to solve it then the best person to see in the first instance is your Form Tutor. You will see your Form Tutor twice every day so they are the people that will know you best of all.

The Houses

Every member of the Leventhorpe community, students and staff, as well as being in a tutor group and a year group, belongs to a House. The Houses - Barnard, Cutforth, Fawbert, Lawrence, Moore, Newsom, Rivers and Wilkins are all named after local historic dignitaries of Sawbridgeworth. As House members all students have a wide range of opportunities to work together and ‘compete’ against other students, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning House points in the process.

If you Feel Unwell

If you feel unwell at school then you should report to Student Services.
Your parents may also be contacted by the school office if necessary. If you require any form of medication then this would have been handed into reception by your parents so that you can take it as and when required.

What if I am Late for School?

It is very important to come to school on time. Lateness will result in a detention being set. If you do arrive late you should sign in at reception and be ready to explain the reason why you are late for school.


It is important that Leventhorpe students always look nice and smart and that they are wearing the correct school uniform. There are also some general rules about appearance and the other things that you are or are not allowed to wear. For more information about the correct school uniform please visit the school uniform page.

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Travelling to School

However, you travel to and from Leventhorpe each day we expect a very high standard of behaviour and appearance from all our students both on your way to and on your way back from school.