Clubs and Activities

School is not just about hard work. It is about meeting new people, making friends and taking part in the activities that you enjoy the most. When you arrive at Leventhorpe you will find that there are lots of lunchtime or after-school activities and clubs that you can join.

If you visit our Extra-Curricular Clubs & Activities page, you can see all the clubs that are on offer.  You will see that there are lots of sports clubs and activities, including football, rugby, basketball, hockey, netball and cricket, as well as the gym.  If you are musical, you can audition for the school orchestra, the Funk Band, the Rock Band or you can play in the brass, clarinet & sax or guitar group. You can also join in with the choir. 
They are all great fun!  If you enjoy acting you can audition for the school production, which takes place every February.

Whatever you like to do there really is something for everyone.  On top of all these activities in the summer you will enjoy a week at the Year 7 Citizenship Camp, forming stronger bonds with your no-longer-quite-so-new classmates, and a day trip to France! There is always something to do at Leventhorpe!

Visit Our Extra-Curricular Clubs & Activities Page Here