Entry Requirements for 2017

Admission to Leventhorpe Sixth Form September 2017

Leventhorpe Sixth Form is popular with students who attended the school from years 7-11 as well as with applicants from other schools in the area.  We aim to take up to 180 in Year 12 with roughly equal numbers of internal applicants and those from external schools.

Our curriculum is broad, with especially wide choices in the area of business and enterprise specialism.  Our courses are offered at level three only, with the exception of English and Maths GCSE retake (level 2).  We offer A’ Level some BTEC qualifications and IFS financial qualifications.

From September 2017, in response to government reforms, we will move over entirely to a two year structure of study with examinations taken at the end on the second year.  AS examinations will not be taken and teaching schedules will not prepare students with AS examinations in mind.

The expectation for most students is that they will take three subjects for two years (some BTEC subjects are “double” and count as two of the three choices).  It will be rare for students to take more than three subjects, but there may be limited exceptions. Committed and able mathematicians may wish to add further mathematics as a fourth qualification.  Also, we offer the Institute of Financial Studies Financial Literacy Certificate and Diploma, which can be added as a fourth subject. 

Finally students who have not passed English and Mathematics GCSE to level 4 will have to retake those examinations and we would recommend retakes for those who have not achieved grade 5.  These retakes would be in addition to three level three qualifications.

The ethos of our sixth form is welcoming and inclusive, but we are committed to academic excellence and to ensuring that students follow appropriate courses and so we apply admission rules to courses to ensure that applicants have reached a sufficiently firm foundation for success. We do not have general admission criteria for entry to our sixth form, but instead applicants need to reach specific grades or levels in order to be able to choose particular subjects.  We are a full-time only sixth form and so an applicant must posses the necessary grades to pick three subjects if they are to join us.

In summer 2017 most GCSE subjects will be still be awarded letter grades but English and mathematics will be awarded a new grade of 1-9.  GCSE letter grades examinations and vocational awards are equivalent to the following point scores in the new number system:

GCSE Grade Equivalencies

Entry Requirements for Individual Subjects

Subject Entry Requirement
Art and Design  Grade B in GCSE Art
Art Photography  Five or more GCSE's at grade C or 5
Biology  Grade B in GCSE Additional Science or Biology
BTEC – Enterprise (double option) Five or more GCSE's at grade C or 5
BTEC – Sport and Exercise Science (double option)  Grade B in GCSE PE or Core, Additional Science or Biology
Business Studies Five or more GCSE's at grade C or 5
Business Studies A2  AS pass in Business Studies - only Leventhorpe students are likely to have achieved this in year 11
Chemistry Grade B in GCSE Additional Science or Chemistry
Computer Science Grade C in GCSE Computing (if Computing not taken at GCSE at least a Grade 6 in GCSE Maths)
Design and Technology – Product Design  Grade B GCSE in any Design and Technology subject or Art
Design and Technology – Textiles Technology  Grade B GCSE in Design and Technology Textiles
Drama and Theatre Studies  Grade B in GCSE Drama or Dance
Economics  Grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics
English Language Grade 5 in both GCSE English Language and Literature
English Literature  Grade 5 in both GCSE English Language and Literature
Financial Studies   Five or more GCSE's at grade C or 5
French Grade B in GCSE French or the ability to speak and write accurately in French
Further Mathematics Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics
Geography Grade B in Geography
Government and Politics  Grade B in GCSE History (if History not taken at GCSE at least a grade 6 in GCSE English Language or a grade B in a Humanities subject)
History  Grade B in GCSE History
ICT - Cambridge Tech Level 3 (single option) Five or more GCSE's at grade C or 5
Mathematics Grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics
Music Grade B in GCSE Music, and grade 4 (ABRSM or equivalent) standard in a musical instrument/voice, or grade 5 in an instrument/voice and grade 5 (ABRSM or equivalent) standard theory if GCSE music has not been taken. Students need to be able to read notated music to be ready to take A Level Music
Philosophy & Ethics  Grade 6 in GCSE English Language
Physics Grade B in GCSE Additional Science or Physics
Psychology Grade B in GCSE Science
Sociology Five or more GCSE's at grade C or 5
Spanish Grade B in GCSE Spanish or the ability to speak and write accurately in Spanish

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