Issue 114 - 12 November 2015

Welcome from Mr Locke

Dear Parents

It was good to welcome students back after the half-term break to what has started as an even busier couple of weeks.  Student trips and activities have included a soaking wet year 12 Biology trip to Epping Forest; a year 13 trip to Hertford Fire Station to work on a local police strategy project; a music trip to the London Philharmonic Orchestra; the senior national Maths challenge in school followed by 4 students attending the national finals in London; our termly LEAPs concert for our emerging musicians and finally a fantastic performance as part of the Shakespeare in Schools Festival.  All of these have been well supported and students have behaved exceptionally well, as always.

In the past fortnight students have also taken part in a very successful cultural exchange visit to Montreal, Canada.  Mrs Williams who led the trip was delighted with the way students threw themselves into the activities and says they were all a credit to the school.  We all supported the Remembrance Day celebrations with Sixth Formers selling poppies and the whole school observing two minutes silence yesterday.  I also had the pleasure of joining many of our students in the Town celebrations on Sunday where we marked Armistice Day with the annual town  service.  Finally, Miss Wright led a series of assemblies outlining the importance of this act of remembrance and I’m delighted to report that all of our students seem to have fully appreciated this point.

You are probably aware that we ran our Sixth Form Open Evening last Tuesday.  This is an important event where Year 11 students are able to find out about the many courses and subjects available for post-16 study at Leventhorpe.  In conjunction with this evening I would like to provide some guidance for the parents as their children begin to consider their destinations for next year.  You may or may not be aware of the ‘raising of the school leaving age’.  In essence this means that all year 11 students across the country are now expected to remain in some form of education until they are at least 17 years old.  This could be A level study in our sixth form, level 2 or 3 study in a FE college or a modern apprenticeship which will be work based but also linked with study at a FE college.  In order to provide students with sufficient support all year 11 students will receive a one-to-one careers interview with our in-house futures advisor, Mrs Blair-Park.  They will also be interviewed by a member of the senior team to help provide post-16 guidance and advice.  We will use information provided by subject teachers, following mock examinations, to enable us to help guide students and advise them of how to access the information they need so that they can make informed choices.  Students who need further support will also be referred to our Youth Connexions advisor.

If you have any concerns about your children or questions about arrangements and support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

On Friday we will see the first Leventhorpe Academic Review Day.  This follows our successful pilot last year and aims to provide more information for parents about how well your children are progressing and performing.  You have also been provided with new, more detailed information about your child’s progress through our new online reporting software, Go4Schools.  We have received a number of queries about how to interpret the data in these reports.  Questions have concentrated on the difference between ‘working at levels/grades’, ‘predicted grades’ and ‘target grades’.  Your child’s tutor will be able to explain this fully to you during your 1 to 1 meeting on Friday, however, if any issues or questions remain following your meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s Head of House or subject teachers.

Finally, we say goodbye to two members of staff this week.  Mrs Sumner has been a fantastic tutor and cover teacher for over 10 years, always keen to support her students and willing to step in when problems have arisen.  She leaves us to take up a similar role much closer to home and I am sure she’ll do brilliantly.  Mrs Gregory has acted as our communications officer since 2010 completely overhauling our website and prospectus and coordinating all of our marketing.  She has also been responsible for the development of our newsletter into the informative, celebration of life at Leventhorpe that it is now.  We also wish Mrs Gregory well in her new position at the Danish Embassy.

Jon Locke

Latest News & Events

In Case of Student Illness

If your child is sick and not coming into school, please phone the absence line and to let us know in advance about any medical appointments so these can be pre marked on your child’s register.   Thank you.

Mrs Howard, Attendance / Absence Officer

School Inset Days and Early Closure Dates

Please find below a list of all upcoming Inset Days, when the school is closed, and early closure days:

Date Details
Tuesday 24th November Year 12 Parents' Consultations, School Closes at 1:20pm
Monday 30th November Occasional Day, School Closed
Friday 18th December Last day of Term, School Closes at 12:50pm
Thursday 14th January 2016 Year 11 Parents' Consultations, School Closes at 1:20pm
Wednesday 27th January Year 9 Parents' Consultations, School Closes at 1:20pm
Monday 29th February Year 7 Parents' Consultations, School Closes at 1:20pm
Wednesday 9th March Year 10 Parents' Consultations, School Closes at 1:20pm
Tuesday 19th April Year 8 Parents' Consultations, School Closes at 1:20pm
Friday 17th June Inset Day, School Closed
Friday 22nd July Last Day of Term, School Closes at 12:50pm

Reminder from the Finance Office

We would like to remind all parents/carers that all payments for trips, revision books and other activities should be made via ParentPay. Other methods of payment are only to be used in exceptional circumstances and after prior approval with the school.

If you do not know your log in details for ParentPay please contact us and we will be pleased to give these details to you.  If you have any concerns about making a payment for anything, please do contact us in good time before the payment deadline.

Thank you for your support.

Finance Office

LRC News

Countdown to the LRC book Fair!   

book fair4

Don’t miss our fabulous book fair starting next week on the 19th November.  There will be over 200 book titles on sale, gifts, cakes and stationary – perfect for Christmas or a pre-Christmas treat.  Why not watch the short clip, by clicking on the image below, to see some of the fabulous titles that are on offer this year!

lrc pic

To ensure all year groups are able to browse and buy easily, the Year 12 BTEC team have produced a timetable to help keep numbers in the LRC under control.  Don’t worry though, there are enough copies of each title for everyone but if a particular title sells out, we can order a copy to be delivered when the books are collected from our supplier.  No one need miss out!  

Book Fair Timetable

- Week A
Fri 20th
Week A
Fri 20th
Week B
Mon 21st
Week B
Tue 22nd
Week B
Wed 23rd
Week B
Thur 24th
Break Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 & 11 Year 7 All Years
Lunch Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 & 11 Year 7 All Years

Ms Truman, LRC Manager

Year 12 BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Team

I am writing on behalf of the Year 12 BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship team about running the book fair this half term in November. Our job roles vary from accountants, advertising specialists, marketing and advertisement these job roles will be vital to make this event possible. There is a range of fantastic books from realistic up to top selling novels from the most popular teenage authors. The books are great value for money. As we are running the book fair on the dates stated above we will also be selling cakes and cookies on all of the days the book fair is taking place. We are also selling stationary in the LRC as well as hosting a football match for Year 10 and Year 11 on one of the days which will finalised later on. Organising and running this event will give us all valuable experience. We are also going to be promoting our businesses.

For Year 7s there is a competition where they can design a piece of bunting of their favourite book or character with lots of different prizes.

Please support us in this event.  More details will follow via Schoolcomms, flyers and notices in assemblies.  We look forward to seeing all students in the LRC during break and lunchtimes during our book fair.  

Oliver Bruton and the Year 12 BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship team


Design & Technology News

Food Tech: Middle Eastern Flavours in Year 9

Year 9 were making hummus this week, finding out some history of where it originated and enjoyed sampling some new flavours like tahini. Some lovely results, well done Year 9.

food tech 2_2

food tech 320 food tech 51

food tech 410 food tech 117

Miss Pagram, Food Technology

English News

Leventhorpe’s Performance of Twelfth Night in the Shakespeare School’s Festival


P1020500 P1020500

On Monday 9th November 15 actors, three technicians and six musicians performed a wonderful 30-minute version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage. Along with three other schools, who performed other Shakespeare plays, they put on an evening of entertainment in a big professional theatre.

All the students, who ranged from Year 8 up to Year 12, worked incredibly hard to get the production up to scratch for the final performance, and every single person involved was fantastic. Miss Hayward’s costumes were a highlight, praised by the organiser of the event. We were also privileged to have live music on stage from our six wonderful musicians and even more special; all the music was composed by the two sixth formers involved, James Rayner and Rebecca Smith.


Behind the Scenes

An audience member commented on: “how impressed we were with Leventhorpe’s interpretation of Twelfth Night at the Gordon Craig on Monday… the whole performance was so enjoyable, really accomplished and thoroughly entertaining. We felt having live music on stage really added to the atmosphere and the theatrical experience – an inspired idea which really worked well. The actors were great – faultless and confident in their delivery and we could hear every word. Please congratulate the students involved – to perform so well on a real live stage and in front of complete strangers must have been daunting but they did an amazing job.”

A fantastic achievement for all involved. Well done everyone!

  • Director: Ms Porter
  • Costume designer: Ms Hayward
  • Music director: Mrs Oliver
  • Assistance: Miss Thomas


  • Evie Stables
  • Zoe Foster
  • Niamh Daly
  • Oliver Baker
  • Joe Green
  • Robert Pearce
  • Hannah Orna-Harris
  • Nathan Parry-Davies
  • Isabell Beasley
  • Ciaran Cross
  • Emily Palmer
  • Poppy Charles
  • Isabella Parsbo
  • Freya Demmon
  • Brandon Ring


  • James Rayner
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Luke Lawlor
  • Nicole Kitchen
  • Emily Coombes
  • Ella Warwick

Technicians and Stage Management

  • Will Renals
  • Alice Redgewell
  • Ben Arrowsmith

Miss Thomas, English Teacher

ICT & Computing News

Curriculum News

  • Year 7 students are looking at Databases and how they affect us in our everyday life;
  • Year 8 students are working through their Web Site design and creation;
  • Year 9 students are enjoying a variety of subjects HTML and CSS web design to Python programming whilst Games Design students have been comparing ‘retro’ games online using emulators;
  • Year 10 ICT students are performing well in their Controlled Assessment and the Computing students continue to work well with Python;
  • Year 11 students in ICT have been investigating privacy concerns recent news articles and discussing users rights. In computing students are getting confident with different aspects of a computer system.


Sally has to cross a rope bridge, but she is very nervous. The bridge has 20 planks, and every time she steps forwards five planks, she then steps back four planks. How many times must she do this to reach the other side?

Answers to Mr Jones please.

Thank you to all those who emailed their answers, we had even more people contribute to the last quiz. Well done to the winners of the previous quiz:

  • Lewis Rees, 9B
  • Heath Squire, 8B
  • Josh Curry, 8R
  • Perdi Squire, 7B
  • Annie Love,7F
  • Thomas Cubitt, 7B

Merits have been awarded to you all!

The correct answer:

Friend Kitten
Zack  Tiger
Ellie Shadow
Amy Rusty
Rico Sooty
Mr Jones, 2nd in ICT, Computing Teacher

MFL News

Students' Languages Day at Girton College, Cambridge

girton taster day

Elizabeth Poore and Robert Pearce in 11N were selected amongst many students to take part in a Languages Taster Day at Girton College, Cambridge, before the half-term break. This was an incredible opportunity to see what it means to study a language beyond GCSE and A Level. Here is Elizabeth’s account of her experience. Mme Lynch

On Wednesday 21st October 2015, I was given the opportunity to attend a languages day at Girton College in Cambridge. Initially, I was nervous, but when I arrived everyone was very welcoming and I soon realised that everyone was in exactly the same position as I was.

First of all, we had a talk about why languages are so important in the world today, and we were given an insight into what it entails to study a language at Girton. We then went on to our cultural workshop. I chose the Spanish Civil War, and by the end of the hour, I certainly knew a lot more than I did to begin with. Next was lunch, where one of the current students sat with us to ask us about how we felt about studying a language at university, as he himself did so. After lunch was our language workshop. I chose Italian as I have always thought that it would be interesting to learn Italian, and it was. We practised saying simple things at first, like our name and our age. We then moved onto things that we liked, which was more challenging, but much more fun.

Finally, we met  current students, hearing about their time studying languages at Girton, which personally I found very intriguing, as it is nice to see things from the students’ point of view, rather than the teachers’.

Overall, I feel that I have gained an insight into what languages could hold for me in the future, and it has definitely encouraged me to take Spanish at A Level.

Elizabeth Poore, 11N

And here is what Robert Pearce said about the day:

On Wednesday 21st October, Girton College opened their doors and welcomed a select group of Year 10 and 11 language students. Attendants were given an interesting insight into the many different ways in which their GCSE level language education can benefit their futures. The day commenced with a talk given by Jocelyn Wyburd, who is the Director of Cambridge University’s Language Centre. She discussed with the students reasons why it is imperative that the renowned disability Monolingualism can and must be treated. This was followed by an overview of Girton’s Language Degree course; a pre-chosen Culture Workshop, in which students picked to attend one of the following speeches: Linguistics, Spanish Civil War, French Film or Literature; a Language Workshop in either Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Hebrew and finally a Q&A session revolving around why students should aspire to Higher Education. I found this day to be extremely useful and insightful, leaving me with a much clearer idea of the path I want to pursue after having completed my Spanish and French GCSEs. 

Robert Pearce, 11N

PE News

Cricket Coaching Session by England Vice Captain, Heather Knight

Group pic3

On Tuesday 3rd November Mrs Brown was delighted to see so many students from her Leventhorpe Monday night Cricket Club and keen extra girls enjoying a personal workshop in cricket, led by Heather Knight. We were so excited and proud to have the current England Vice Captain and Opening Batswoman come to visit and coach us. She led us in a dynamic skills circuit, to music, with 3 extra coaches. Activities involved dive catching onto crash-mats, fielding drills and striking the wickets, plus lots of batting practise, all led by one of the best players in the women’s game. The session was finished off by an impressive game of indoor cricket where Libby Riddell, 9R and Olivia Steele, 9N impressed Heather with their bowling. The two girls were presented with a signed shirt for Leventhorpe School to frame and keep and then the whole group posed for selfies and got autographs!



DSCN3555_23 DSCN3613

DSCN3586 DSCN35954

I was immensely proud of your behaviour and willingness to take part and improve.  I could see you all enjoyed yourselves!  I look forward to even higher turnout at Monday night Cricket Club, which runs from 3.35-4.45pm in our sports hall. New players very welcome, no experience required.

Mrs Brown, PE Teacher

Cross Country District Competition


Year 10 runners Dylan, Jack, Callum and Jack

Well done to all the students who took part in the Cross Country District Competition on Wednesday 4th November at Grange Paddocks, Bishops Stortford.  In typical British style it rained most of the day and the ground was lovely and muddy! Leventhorpe students embraced this, however, and put in some really good performances.  The Year 7 boys' team did exceptionally well as did Year 8 girls .

As always Leventhorpe students represented the school exceptionally well and the PE Faculty were really impressed with all performers. Thank you to students and parents who came to support, it was a great day all round.

Miss Gallant, 2nd in PE

Year 10 Hockey Match vs Hockerill

hockey pic

On Tuesday 3rd November the Year 10 Hockey Team played one of our toughest matches this season against Hockerill College. At the beginning of the match, our team was quite weak but as we progressed we grew more confident and stronger, in particular in the last five minutes of the first half, and we had some great shots at goal by our three shooters, Grace Romaine, Nia Powell and Tiegan Claridge. But, when the ball came towards the defence, which wasn’t very often thanks to our Midfield Players Izzie Johnstone, Olivia Wright, Olivia Purdie, Lucy Evans and Maddie Dudson, the defence team of Maddy Marnell, Niamh James, Meg Learmonth and I cleared the ball.  We also had some great tackles, especially from Maddy Marnell and I, as well as some amazing saves from Meg in goal! The final score was unfortunately 2-0 to Hockerill but we will continue to be held in high spirits! This match showed us that we need to improve on fighting for the ball, spacing when passing and taking more powerful shots. The players of the match were Grace Romaine for some awesome shots at the goal and Romy Antrobus for defence. We will beat them next time!

Romy Antrobus, 10L

Year 8 Rugby vs Birchwood

Leventhorpe v Birchwood 7Nov15_7

On Saturday 7th November we played a strong Birchwood side. When we arrived at their school and saw the pitch we knew we were going to get dirty. The weather was really poor - heavy rain and strong winds - brilliant! There was mud everywhere and even some patches of grass on the pitch!

We started the first 10 mins of the half brilliantly, defending for our lives in our own 22, stopping a strong and organised Birchwood from scoring. Mr Lawrence said that it was the best defending that he has ever seen from us! (Clearly we had listened to Mr Lawrence during our previous coaching sessions!). We played very well throughout the whole game and with most of the play in our half we ended up winning 26-12. Jack Berman scored 4 tries on his debut for the team, with 3 being converted by myself. Well played to Archie Molt for his best performance of the season and George Anderson for his brilliant runs down the wing. Whilst most players were contenders for Man of the Match, Mr Lawrence awarded this honour to Olly Marshall for doing everything that Mr Lawrence wanted him to do, so brilliantly! I must also mention Denny Howard - Denny managed to play most of the game with lovely clean shorts, only getting them dirty when we slid under the posts at the end of the game for a team photo (sorry, mate!).

Leventhorpe v Birchwood 7Nov15_6

Matthew Ayers, Year 8 Captain

Kit For Africa

Below is a picture of a resident of the squatter camp in Ennerdale, Gauteng, South Africa,  delighted with his @LeventhorpePE jersey thanks to the kit4africa. You may remember that former PE teacher, Mr Hore, collected kit in the summer term for the charity Kit For Africa, which recycles used sports kit and distributes it to underprivileged children and adults in some of the world's poorest countries.

pe top

House Rugby and Hockey

Inter-House Rugby and Hockey for Years 7-11 will take place from Tuesday 17th - Friday 20th November.  Good luck to all year groups and Houses!


Mr Dann, PE Teacher

We are on Twitter!

You can keep up to date with all the latest news from the PE Faculty, including upcoming fixtures and results, via our twitter feed:

twitter sport 

Performing Arts News

Chamber Concert

chamber 2

Last night, Wednesday 11th November, we held the first Chamber concert of the year, which had a LEAP scheme focus. The concert opened with a performance of ‘stand by me’ from the students on the LEAP scheme, which set the standard for the rest of the concert. All of the students all performed superbly, especially as for many it was their first performance on their instrument. Many thanks to our instrumental teachers: Mr Grover, Mr Lewington, Mrs Lewington, Mr White, Mr Tolman and Mr Noble, for preparing their students for the concert.

Congratulations to:

Josh Curry 8R, Ben West 8F, Rebecca Thirley 8F, Summer Mawdsley 8R, Jodie Campbell 8R, Amalie Powell 8R, Pip Muir 8L, Jack Harries 8L, Brooke Smith 8F, Sophie Kelsell 8C, Will Parnell 8F, Tom Kirk 8C, Benjamin West 8F, Amalie Powell 8R, Kalani Bassi 8N, Will Parnell 8F Guilliani, Ella Warwick 10B – Saxophone, David Kelly 9R, Barnaby Clark 8L, Maya Tucker 7R

Christmas Concert 1st December


Our Christmas concert will be held on Tuesday 1st December at 7pm in the school hall. The concert will feature students from every year group and will begin the Christmas season in style! Tickets will be available on Parentpay soon.

In preparation for the concert, we will be having additional rehearsals, on Tuesday 24th November 2pm-5pm (when the schools closes for year 12 consultations) and Tuesday 1st December during the school day.

GCSE Music Trip to London Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

music pic

On Tuesday 3rd November, 43 students from Years 9-11 attended a concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the Royal Festival Hall, South Band. The concert was aimed at GCSE students and included music that cover the topics for the GCSE music course, with works by Tchaikovsky, Sibelius and William Walton, as well as the popular Dance of the Knights from Prokofiev’s ballet suite Romeo and Juliet (The Apprentice theme tune). It seemed, however, that the favourite piece was Mambo from West Side Story which, as described by the presenting music animateur, has to be one of the most exciting pieces of orchestral music ever.

Students enjoyed ‘how good the orchestra was’ ‘listening to all the different instruments play’, ‘hearing amazing new music’, ‘learning new things about music, and new words’, 'the talkover because I learnt loads’, ‘watching the film to Henry V with the music, because it was hilarious’.

Thank you to the students who attended the trip, as they were all brilliantly behaved and made the event a pleasure!

Mrs Oliver, Head of Performing Arts

Student to Play for Hertfordshire Schools Symphony Orchestra

MMA Leventhorpe  2765

After a recent audition, Luke Lawlor,10R has been invited to play violin in the Hertfordshire Schools Symphony Orchestra (HSSO) for the 2015/16 season. This is a fantastic opportunity for Luke to build his experience as an orchestral player and will give him the chance to play in the Royal Albert Hall, as well as participate in a tour to Madrid over the Summer.  Luke has ‘wowed’ many Leventhorpe audiences with his exuberant and skilful violin playing and we are thrilled to see that he is getting even busier as a musician and we congratulate him on in success in audition.

Piano Exam Success

Congratulations to Alzebeta Biddiscombe in 11R, who has passed her Grade 4 piano exam with merit.

Mrs Oliver, Head of Performing Arts

Science News

Science Revision Guides

Please note that Science Revision Guides and Workbooks are only available for purchase through Parentpay until Friday 27th November 2015, so please buy the Revision Guide and Workbook for Core and Additional science.  Thank you.

Miss Dean, Head of Biology, KS4 Science

Getting Ready for Bonfire Night in Science Club


Science Club members had a special Bonfire Night session on Wednesday 4th November, making their own sparklers. Students applied a small layer of starch solution to one side of a wooden splint, sprinkled on some powdered metal and powdered metal salt and then held the splint into the flame of a Bunsen burner, which turned a different colour depending on the metal powder used. 



DSCN36853  DSCN36871

Volcanoes in Science Club


DSCN3714_28 DSCN3720_22

Science Club had fun making their own mini volcanoes on Wednesday 11th November.  Working in small groups of two or three, they mixed up their solution of baking soda, washing up liquid and vinegar and watched it bubble and "erupt", flowing over the sides of their cut out volcanic mountain.

Mrs Breame, Chemistry Teacher

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