Issue 65 - 28 March 2013

Welcome from Mr Locke

Dear Parents and Students,

We finish this hectic term on a real high with last week’s Charity week, the Chamber Concert, Year 12 Drama productions and our hosting of the Bry-sur-Marne visitors all being incredibly successful.  Students have visited GSK on a Science enrichment day, attended an ‘Oxbridge preparation’ event in St Albans and we hosted the district Basketball finals with three of our teams making the finals.

During Charity week students raised nearly £6,000 (still being counted).  We really value the involvement of so many students because we feel it is vital for them to appreciate the importance to give to others who are in need.  Students from the Sixth Form Community Group organised the whole week so I would like to thank all of them, but especially Vimbai Mazengera and Sophie Adams who led the group as the Senior Prefects.   I personally questioned my sanity, having volunteered to take part in the ‘Sponge the Teachers’ event and then being repeatedly soaked in sub-arctic temperatures.  In that vein I must thank all of the other staff who volunteered to help, make fools of themselves or generally take part throughout the week.  This is certainly the case with Ms Reynolds and Mrs Ball who helped the Community Group throughout the week and in the build up.  Our final talent show was supported by representatives from Teenage Cancer Trust and Send a Cow, two of our nominated charities, and they were incredibly impressed with the organisation and drive of our students.  As was Debbie Hoffman from Barclays Bank, who led Barclays' community involvement, which includes an element of charity match funding.

Both our Chamber and Bry-sur-Marne Concerts were brilliant musical events in the past fortnight.  The Bry concert involved some of our most able musicians and allowed them to play some really challenging pieces alongside some excellent musicians from France.  Everyone did superbly well but our solo performers deserve a special mention:  Alice Wang, Lauren Powell, Alice Redgewell, David Evans, Lauren Campbell, Rebecca Cherry, Kim Snooks, Max Eldridge and Dodie Clarke.  Our Chamber Concert saw students who have music lessons at Leventhorpe demonstrating their progress.  This has been a welcome addition to our musical performances, giving a wide range of students the opportunity to perform publically.  I would like to thank all of the peripatetic music teachers for their support and Mrs Sykes for organising the concert.

Finally, the Year 12 Drama performances were of the normal high standard that we have come to expect from our Drama Department.  Students performed “Jerusalem” and “Blithe Spirit” very professionally indeed.  Although it has been a term full of cold miserable weather, the Wednesday night performances that I attended have helped us to finish the term on a high as we approach the Easter holidays.  I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, enjoys a well-deserved break and that Spring eventually arrives.

Jon Locke

Latest News and Events

soaking jon with title 

The week of 18th to 22nd March was Charity Week, with hilarious events taking place during every break and lunchtime throughout the week.  From I'm a Teacher Get Me Out of Here to Teacher Sponging and the Sixth Form versus staff dodgeball match, students had a fantastic time cheering on members of staff as they tasted suspicious-looking samples of food or endured bucket-loads of water poured over them in freezing temperatures....All the events were organised by the Sixth Form Community Group, with help from Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Ball, and so far their efforts have resulted in more than £5000 being raised for the four chosen charities. 

 Charity Week 2013 0054  balloon popping lighter4

Bake Sale                                                           Balloon Popping

Sponging the Teachers

A photographer from the Herts & Essex Observer came to school on the last day of Charity Week to capture the Sponging the Teachers event and took the images below.  To see more great photos of teachers being drenched please click here to view the slideshow on the Observer website.

dale sponging neil sponging

sponging sponging students

Strictly Come Prancing

prancing judges

Strictly Come Prancing Judges

prancing 11 prancing 23

  prancing 42 prancing 52

prancing andy kitson2 

prancing laurence2  prancing presenter2

And the Presenters...Laurence Wilson and Calum White

Dodgeball: Sixth Formers v Staff


Dodge Ball 046 Dodge Ball 043

Charity Week Fundraisers in School

Form 8C Contributes to Charity Week

Students in 8C deserve a special mention for taking up the challenge of making their own contribution to Charity Week by baking and selling cakes to other students in the form.  The form raised an extra £25 for the charities.  In addition, Macy Dodson and Katie Mann undertook a two-day sponsored silence in an effort to raise more money, so well done to all students in 8C! 

Mrs Grange Makes and Sells Silk Cards

Mrs Grange, our Librarian, has been making and selling her beautifully hand-painted silk cards to members of staff and given the proceeds to the Charity Week charities.

rogues title

Showcase Performance

Wednesday 17th April

During Lunchtime, in the Hall

Tickets £5

Remaining Tickets Available

from the Front Office

All proceeds go to the Charity Week Fund

loveable rogues poster

School Transport Survey

Essex County Council wish to canvas satisfaction regarding their contracted transport service with parents of children on transport into your school.  If you would like to take part in the short survey please click here for more information or you can click here to be taken directly to the survey.  The survey will be live on the Essex County Council website for the months of April and May.  

The results of this survey will inform the Council staff and operators about their performance and feed into plans for future service provision.

Library News

Carnegie Book Awards 2013

carnegie poster 2

The CILIP Carnegie Medal is awarded annually by children's librarians for an outstanding book for children and young people.   This year we have sixteen Year 9 students who are already reading the books to shadow the Carnegie Book prize for the best book published in 2012.  We will be reading the seven books, reviewing them on the shadowing blog and meeting with other local schools to vote in June. Anyone else who would like to join us is welcome, whatever age!  

Mrs Grange, Librarian

Student News

University Scholarship

Congratulations to Meghan Smith in Year 13 who has been offered a £1000 merit award to study Economics, Politics and International Relations at Aberystwyth University.  Meghan recently entered the university's Entrance Scholarship competition, which involved sitting an exam, and her award is based on her  achievement in this exam.  Meghan has done exceptionally well, in particular considering that the competition for scholarships has greatly increased since the introduction of tuition fees.

Going for Gold

Congratulations to Meg Wickham in 8F who competed in the ASA Swimming County Championships at the weekend of 23rd/24th March, winning gold medals in both the 100 metre breaststroke race and the 200 metre breaststroke, thereby securing a regional qualifying time.  Watch this space!

Students Working for the Community

leventhorpe volunteers

Well done and good luck to Rebecca Newman, Sian Devine and Kate Wiemold who have organised and are volunteering to run the Sawbridgeworth Seed and Plant Swap at the next Sawbridgeworth Farmers Market (April 6th, 9am till 1pm in Bell Street car park). They are doing this with the backing of the Town Council in the hopes of stimulating people to grow more of their own food and to improve a sense of community. From designing the posters and distributing them, writing a press release and working with the Council, they have donated many hours to this cause.

Music Exam Success

Congratulations to Kim Snooks in 11N for passing her Grade 6 Flute (Trinity Exam Board) exam this week.  Kim recently performed in the Bry Concert in Great St Mary's Church.


English & Drama News

AS Drama Performances

Year 12 Drama students have been busy rehearsing for their AS final piece this week. The practical examination will form 30% of their final grade and as part of this challenging exam they have to perform in front of a live audience and the examiner. This year, students will be performing Butterworth's Jerusalem and Coward's Blithe Spirit. Mrs Hollingworth has been really impressed by the hard work and dedication from all of the students and has been delighted by their input into to props and costumes. Well done for your excellent effort!

Ms Carter, English Faculty

Food Tech News

Making Mayonnaise

food tech 32 food tech 43

food tech 11 food tech 21

Year 11 Food Tech students have now started revising for their summer exam and have been making mayonnaise, showing how egg yolk is used as an emulsifier. They needed a lot of patience to add the oil slowly enough at the start of the process for the emulsion to be formed.

Getting Ready for Easter

buns31 hot x buns1

busn2 buns111

Year 10 make hot cross buns in Food Tech last week, taking great care piping their crosses on top, and all achieved terrific results. We tasted them against some bought products and it was an unanimous decision that theirs were the best!
Ms Pagram, Head of Food Technology

Humanities News

Year 7 Castle Competition

The 2013 Year 7 castle projects, which have been on display in the Sixth Form Common Room, were as brilliant as ever with a superb variety of castles chosen by the students. This year was different, however, as there were a number of edible castles. One castle was made from a selection of biscuits while three others were extremely tasty looking cakes.

    cake castle 23 biscuit castle 24

Two students from each form were selected as winners. These were:

  • 7Bcastle collage 2
    Zia Maertens-Colyer
    Nia Powell
  • 7C
    Georgia Gray
    Lucy Oliver
  • 7L
    Abbie Norris
    Amelia Taylor
  • 7N
    Daniel Heath
    Jade Woodward
  • 7R
    Thomas Ramsey
    Elise Bailey 
  • 7F
    Kayleigh Woolf
    Olivia Wright

Here are pictures of some of the winning castles:

Well done to everybody who took part

Mr Harvey, Head of Humanities

ICT News

Exams and Revision Sessions – Summer term


  • Exam: Thursday, 6th June
  • Revision sessions will run every Thursday lunchtime in Rm 12 from the beginning of the summer term.


  • Practical exam: week beginning 7th May – students will be given letters telling them their slot.
  • Practical revision sessions will run Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays in Rm 12 from the beginning of the summer term.
  • Theory exam: Wednesday, 19th June
  • Theory revision sessions will run Friday lunchtimes in Rm 12 from the beginning of the summer term.


  • Mock exam: 15th May

Exam: 22nd May


Exam runs from 7th-24 May

Mrs Abegglen, Head of ICT

MFL News

Year 8 Visit to Santander


The week after half term in February, Year 8 Spanish students went on a trip to Santander in Northern Spain.  Pictures from the trip will be in the Newsletter after the Easter break, but here is an account from Mr Banister, who went on the trip:

It was a great change from many of the school trips I have been on not to have to be at Stansted Airport or School at a very early hour in the morning.  After bidding farewell to a small group of parents who attended our departure from school at 3.00pm we arrived at Stansted and went through the necessary procedures before boarding our Easy-Jet flight to Bilbao around 5.30pm.  Despite an early arrival there it was still very late in the evening when we arrived at our hotel in Comillas, a 2 hour drive from the airport.  Everyone collapsed into bed from the exertions of a day at work and the travel.

Every morning for the next three days students rose fairly early for breakfast and an hour’s journey to the language school in Santander, to be there for 9.00am.   In the afternoons, the group visited a different location in the area.  On Tuesday the idea was to follow a town trail around the old city core of Santander to view the historic architecture and view the Spanish city way of life.  However, this was rather thwarted by incessant rain, and after almost an hour of trying to shelter as we walked, a phone call to the coach driver secured the much drier surroundings of “El Corte Ingles” a shopping mall.  This allowed a chance to dry out and spend some money (and even practice some Spanish) before returning to our hotel for evening meal.

Wednesday afternoon it was a visit to the Cabarceno Regional Park.  After lunch in the cafeteria students travelled in the coach around the huge zoo, cleverly created out of an area of iron ore extraction (as a geographer I found this more fascinating than the animals).  At various points we disembarked to view the enclosures.  By far the greatest amount of time was spent looking at the brown bears, of whom there seemed to be an infinite number - a keen eye was needed to spot the bears as their favourite activity appeared to be rolling in the muddy soil, camouflaging themselves extremely well.

The Thursday afternoon visit was probably the highlight for many students, as it has been in previous years: the Altamira caves.  Whilst not actually entering the “real thing”, as these have now been closed to the public due to the damage caused simply by so many visitors rubbing their hands on the wall and ceiling paintings for which the caves have become famous, this is a fascinating visit.  The work of our prehistoric ancestors shows what a complex civilisation existed those thousands of years ago.  Students asked the guides, through Ms Reynolds or Mrs Fernandez, a huge number of pointed questions indicating an eagerness to find out as much as possible about the people, their lives and how they dealt with the world in their time.  I felt very proud of the students as they probed for information, on occasions making the guides dig deep into their knowledge.

After packing and tidying, on Friday, our last day,  we visited the local beach.  Although it was not really conducive to swimming, a little paddling was indulged in, followed by a walk up to the market square to see the town market, and then lunch in the local tapas bar.  Soon it was time to load the luggage on the coach and head back to Bilbao airport.  My thanks to Mrs Fernandez for the invitation to accompany the trip, and her fantastic organisation. Also to Ms Reynolds for her many translations for me.  And thanks also to the students without whom there would have been no trip.

Mr Banister, Head of Year 12

Pencils of Power!

Congratulations to the following Language students for being awarded the latest Pencils of Power:

pencil and lightning


  • Year 7
    Daniel Colby, Grace Romaine, Emily Chrysostomou, Aimee Lebrun, Alexandra Leonard-jay, Chhaya Shah
  • Year 8
    Kia Deeks-Hyde, Zoe Foster
  • Year 9
    Amy Gaines, Joseph Leak, Hannah Earl, Elliot Free
  • Year 10
    Amy Bucknall, Benjamin Tomlinson
  • Year 11
    Edward Berwin
  • Year 12
    Paulina Serafin
    Harry Tarling
  • Year 13
    Delfina Rainoldi


  • Year 7
    Alice Redgewell, William Renals, Daniel Colby, Niamh James, Tiger Goldsmith, Kian Collins, Lucy Hamp, Callum Hibberd
  • Year 8
    Libby Oakman, Tom Culley, Bethan French, George Spenner, Amber Hillier, James Chalk, Hakan Ilhan, Katie Boggas, Georgina Williams-Ketteridge, Nathan Pavey, 
  • Year 9
    Christian Gibson, Alicia Sharples
  • Year 13 
    Nebolisa Ikeh

MFL Faculty

Music News

Sawbridgeworth Twinning Concert: Leventhorpe and Les Violons De Bry

bry pic group2

The Music Department joined forces with Les Violons De Bry for a concert in Great St Mary’s Church in Sawbridgeworth on Saturday 16th March.  This event, made possible by the Sawbridgeworth Twinning Association, provided a fantastic opportunity for Leventhorpe students to perform alongside other dedicated and passionate young musicians as part of a large orchestra. The programme included a wide range of music from Baroque (1600s)  to some that may have been created just last week! Many congratulations to all the students who took part in the concert; the solos by Alice Wang, Lauren Powell and David Evans were all performed brilliantly – and you could really feel the audience's enjoyment of pieces the students had arranged and performed together.


 bry2  bry32

 bry musicians in hall bry alumni 21

A big thank you also goes to members of our Alumni: Lizzie Howard, Pippa Johnson, Chris Neill, Charlotte Neill and Ben Redwood – your musical support was much appreciated and enjoyed!  And also to members of staff who attended. The alarmed-faced students told me that "all their teachers were there" – which was clearly not true – but lovely that those who did come had such a big presence! It was a lovely concert with a great deal of wonderful musical talent on show – not to mention the outstanding impromptu singing during the meal afterwards.  Now that was talent!

If you are interested in joining the school orchestra please see Mrs Oliver to find out more – or come along on Tuesday lunchtimes for a listen and watch to see if you fancy joining in. We will be starting new music next term so it is a good time to try it out. Then you can be in great concerts like the one we have just done – which was fun, and good!

Emma Warwick, 7B, took part in the concert and says that "The concert was brilliant! The violins were excellent but when we played the Bolero together it was amazing! Everything came together and it sounded really good with all the different layers piled ontop of each other. The Elbow piece sounded great at the end with the vocal harmonies on top of all the instruments. It was a really good concert.

Musicians: Alice Bray, Harry Broadbent, Lauren Campbell,  Dodie Clark, Rebecca Cherry, Max Eldridge, David Evans, Andrew Fiddes, Lizzie Howard, Chloe Hutchinson, Pippa Johnson, Luke Lawlor, Charlotte Neill, Chris Neill, Oliver Oakes, Libby Oakmen, Lauren Powell, Alice Redgewell, Ben Redwood, Kim Snooks, Alice Wang, Ella Warwick.

Mrs Oliver, Head of Music

Chamber Concert 

On the evening of Thursday 21st March a number of students performed in the Chamber Concert here at Leventhorpe.  The concert provided a great opportunity for students receiving instrumental or vocal lessons to perform a piece they have been working on in lessons, and it was a very successful concert attended by about fifty parents and students, as well as Mrs Sykes and peripatetic teachers Mrs White and Mrs Lewington.

Well done to the following students performed in the concert:

  • Finn Antrobus
    Strange Things Happen, by Watts
  • Emily Coombes
    I believe, by Pamela Wedgewood
  • Thomas Galwey
    Tequila Sunrise, by Pamela Wedgewood
  • Tiger Lily Goldsmith
    Die Lovelei, by Silcher
  • India Goodbourn
    Allegretto by Danzi
  • Will Green
    Minstrels, by Debussy
  • Glenn Jackson
    Ain't Got You, by Alicia Keys
  • Libby Oakman
    Choc Ice Blues, by Yandell
  • Harry Philips
    Run to You, by Brian Adams
  • James Rayner
    Ground Force, by Jim Parker
  • Alice Redgewell
    Allegretto by Mozart
  • Clara Slee
    Allegretto, by Dvorak
  • Amber Thomason
    'Til There Was You", from The Music Man
  • Alice Wang
    Presto, Bach solo sonata in G minor
  • Ella Warwick
    Vivace, by Corelli
  • Liam Williams
    Footprints by Shorter, arranged by Harvey
  • Georgina Williams-Ketteridge
    The Force of Destiny, by Verdi
  • Daisy Wiltshire
    Out Here on My Own, from Fame

Mrs Sykes, Music Teacher

PE News

Rowing Update

Well done to the four teams of students who recently took part in a rowing competition.  The Year 10 Boys and Year 11 Girls did very well, just missing out on places in the finals, whereas the Year 9 Boys and the Year 9 Girls both made the finals and came away with Silver Medals.  Congratulations!

Basketball District Finals

In the recent basketball finals, our Year 10s lost by one basket (2pts) to Friends School, thereby finishing in second place.  This is a great achievement, the team has played exceptionally well, winning every game in the competition leading up to the final.  The Seniors, however, managed to overturn an 8 point deficit to beat Boys' High by approximately 6 points, thereby becoming District Champions. Well done!

  • Senior Basketball Team: District Champions:
    James White, Scott Smith, Matt Smith, Christian Gordon, Will Green, Odirra Onyema, Anthony Cheung, Tom Wood, Luke Hanson, Ed Green
  • Year 10 Basketball Team: Second in District:
    Joe Neve, Maisy Hunt, Rachel Hill, Harry Richards, Jay Fensom, Bryn Thorpe, Luke Jones, Luke Rumble, Josh Platt, Steven Venus (Yr 9) +Harry Cooper
  • Year 9 Boys: County Runners-Up:
    Oakley Clark, Joe Collins, Tom Allen, Frankie Dutton
  • Year 9 Girls: County Runners-Up:
    Abi Campbell, Ella Serdet, Lauren Ayers, Claudia Lee

Mr Hore, PE Teacher/ Teacher Release & Sport Leaders Co-ordinator

Save the Date: Sports Presentation Evening 2013

This year's annual Sports Presentation Evening will take place on Friday 12th July 2013 in the Sports Centre, so please save the date!   Students will be asked to wear formal dress for the evening, which will include a three-course meal, followed by speeches and the presentation itself.  Parents are also very welcome to attend.  We will be sending out invitations after Easter, and information about tickets and costs will be available soon.


Psychology News

Royal Courts of Justice

old bailey pic1

On Wed 13th march, thirty-five Psychology students travelled up to London to visit the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old bailey in order to gain an insight into how the legal system works.  Ruby Pease in 12N went on the trip:

This trip is one that gives insight into how things run in real-life situations. It is the sort of trip that gives you experience as opposed to merely feeding you information. Being at the Royal Courts of Justice meant that we were able to gain knowledge on how court cases work in a lower-order court, but then also how higher ones work from attending Old Bailey.

It is a way for students to learn of the criminal justice system from a new perspective and feel personally involved.  Overall, the Psychology trip to the Old Bailey was an insightful experience and a beneficial trip for both Year 12 and Year 13 students.

Year 12 student Ellie Matthews was also on the trip:

The trip to the Old Bailey was extremely interesting and informative. I had a lot of fun learning how the country's criminal justice system works. I found it interesting the number of different court cases that occur at the Old Bailey every day. We also visited the Royal Courts of Justice and what I found fascinating was the history behind the place which our speaker, Tim Wood told us about, such as that the person who created it was extremely religious and so had to make his building less than perfect so he made an incomplete pillar, which people now call the floating pillar.  It was also fun to see how different a real court looks and how it operates in comparison to court dramas on TV. Overall, it was a fun and interesting day and I would definitely go again.

Mr Judge, Head of Psychology

Science News

Year 11 GCSE Science Live Visitprof winston1

On February 28th, thirty-six Year 11 students, accompanied by Miss Jones and Mr Oakley, had the opportunity to attend a day of lectures hosted by GCSE Science Live in London. We were presented with a vast array of information ranging from evolution to exploring space via some very ‘Bad Science’. It was a real joy to see live Lord Professor Robert Winston (most famous for his ‘Child of our Time’ series) and to hear some of his fascinating insights into the formation of life. In fact, he even prompted one student to remark she felt pressured ‘to have a child now’! The students gained a huge amount from the day, seeing that a career in science is not just for the stereotypical white-haired professors in white coats!

Well done to all students who attended, their behaviour, as expected, was excellent.

Miss Jones

Year 10 Marine Biology Lecture

Year 10 Science students listened to a presentation by Professor Ron Douglas, a marine biologist from London City University, on Friday 22nd March.  George Logan, 10B, attended the lecture:

Last Friday a marine biologist, Professor Ron Douglas, came to Leventhorpe to speak to us about marine biology.  We learnt that most of the life on Earth is in the deep sesa and that many of them have developed unusual adaptations for survival.  We also learnt that fish and sea life live far down, even in the deepest parts of the sea.  Lots of fish are red because red cannot be seen far underwater, so they appear black or grey.  Deep underwater there is no sunlight so fishes produce their own light, like headlights.  Some fish can produce different colours of light that only they can see, so they can hunt without being seen. 

The lecture was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we are grateful to *Setpoint Herts for the wonderful opportunity.  Thanks to Miss Parnell for organising it!

George Logan, 10B

* SETPOINT Hertfordshire is an educational charity whose aim is to inspire young
people about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by engaging young people in memorable experiences and by enriching their lives through exposure to impressive people who work in science, engineering and technology.

Sixth Form News

Essay Competitions for Year 12

trinity logo

Trinity College, University of Cambridge, have invited our Year 12 students to take part in a series of essay competitions which offer prizes of up to £600.  There are contests open in Law, History, Geography, Politics and Philosophy/Religious Studies and while these are aimed at potential Oxbridge applicants, anyone can make a submission. So, if you fancy a real challenge as well as potential cash in your pocket – have a go! 

The deadlines are as follows:

  • Law: Monday 8th April 
  • Philosophy/Religious Studies : 31st May
  • Politics: 13th June 
  • Geography: 30th June 
  • History: 1st August

Not only would winning the prize be a great financial success – but even taking part will be a superb subject specific extension activity to include on UCAS application forms next year.

Law Essay Prize

The 2013 title is: “Should religious beliefs be accommodated within the law on discrimination and, if so, how?”  Please click here for all details on this prize. Entries should be submitted by e-mail and must include the cover page found on the above website.

History Essay Prize

There are 94 (ninety-four!) potential essay titles to choose from!  Please click here for all details, including the essay titles.  Essays should be 2,000 to 4,000 words and submitted to: Ms. Stacey Smith, Admissions Secretary, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ.

Politics Essay Prize

There are ten questions to choose from.  Please click here for the list.  Candidates are invited to submit an essay of between 2,000 and 4,000 words on a topic to be chosen from a list of general questions. Candidates are encouraged – but not required – to use contemporary, historical or literary examples in their essays.  Essays should be sent to:  The R.A. Butler Prize, c/o Dr Glen Rangwala, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ.

Philosophy or Religious Studies Essay Prize

Please click here for all details.  Candidates are invited to submit an essay of between 2,000 and 4,000 words on a topic to be chosen from a list of questions below. Essays should be sent to:

The Philosophy or Religious Studies Prize, c/o Mrs Selene Webb, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ.

Choose from the following essay titles:

  1. Does it make sense to consider oneself religious but have no particular religion?
  2. Does the Holocaust spell the end of all attempts at traditional theodicy?
  3. Is it vital to Christianity that the story of Jesus is grounded in history?
  4. Can one believe in creation and in evolution?
  5. People do not regret that there has been a time at which they were not alive yet. But some people regret that there will come a time at which they will be alive no longer. Is it right to make this distinction
    between past and future non-existence?
  6. Assess this reasoning: "The ideal knife is sharp, and would remain sharp even if all the knives in this world were blunted. So the ideal knife is not identical with any of the knives in this world. So, besides the knives in this world, there must be another knife, an ideal knife, which is out of this world."
  7. If there is a human right to education, does it follow that it is wrong to charge people fees for going to university?
  8. Should it make any difference to Christian doctrine whether there are other rational creatures in addition to human beings? 

The Geography Essay Prize

Please click here for all details.  The question is: What topics will be of most interest to geographers one hundred years from now, and why?.  Please submit your essay to Dr Nick Cutler, Director of Studies in Geography, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ.  Essays must be received by the deadline of 30th June 2013.  Those intending to apply should also complete an application form, which is to be included with the submission.

Good luck to all that choose to enter – please let Mr Clawson know if you do!

Mr B. Clawson, Geography Teacher and Sixth Form Tutor

Futures and Careers News

An Easter Message from Mr Bowen

  • Year 9:  Insight Days
    Be sure to prepare for your next learning phase
    During the ‘Insight to Industry’ days
    Learn with open mind and willingness
    For your next big adventure – work experience!
  • Year 10: Work Experience
    Soon off to your placements, for a few working days
    Learn and ask questions, gain experience, don’t laze
    Work very hard, do the best you can do
    You could get a good reference, to take home with you.
  • Year 11: Back-up Plan
    Does sixth form, college, job or apprenticeship
    depend on your successful exams?
    Results may not turn out to be what you need
    so have a good back up plan!
    Have a safety net prepared, if things don’t go as planned.
    A well thought out second choice, should always be at hand.
  • Year 12: Personal Statements!
    Have you started your personal statement?
    If not, let’s begin.
    Just remember: ‘point, evidence and explain’
    But I’ll help and advise, to ease the pain.
    I’m sure they’ll all turn out perfectly,
    To send to your chosen university.
  • Year 13:  Near the End …
    Your mind may still be in study mode
    But you’ve almost reached the end of the road.
    Take all you’ve gained from the learning path
    The world’s your oyster; it’s in your grasp.
    Armed with knowledge, skills and creativity
    Go and show the world your abilities.
    Leventhorpe will miss you, please have no doubt
    When we open the doors and let you all out.
    It’s almost time for you to fly,
    I wish you good luck, farewell and goodbye!


Mr Bowen, Futures Adviser
Written by Francesca Bartram 9N

Turning Training into Jobs Event

 Turning training into Jobs4


Next Newsletter

The next Leventhorpe Newsletter will be out on Thursday 25th April.

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