Issue 59 - 19 December 2012

Welcome from Mr Locke

Dear Parents and Students,

At this time each year I always reflect on the many successes and achievements of students and staff, and the past term has been very successful indeed.  Last week I attended our annual Christmas Concert and was impressed with the quality and range of performances on offer from students and staff.  Mrs Oliver has added considerable energy to the department and her enthusiasm shone through with many new students confidently performing.  The addition of audience participation through the singing of carols was welcome and I am sure that everyone had a fantastic time.  In a similar vein, the Year 13 Drama students performed their A Level compositions last week and, as always, the quality was exceptional.  I thanked all of the staff for their efforts and I would like to congratulate all of the students who performed.

We have just started the winter examination period with Year 11 mocks, and A Level module exams due to start in January.  We understand that this is an important but stressful period for many students and we will endeavour to support students through this period.  If, however, you have any concerns about your children or questions about arrangements and support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On Thursday 20th December we shall be running our newly modelled Senior Presentation Evening, weather permitting.  All past Year 13 students have been invited to a formal award ceremony followed by a less formal meal.  We are looking forward to welcoming the students back and sharing their early experiences of university or work.  If your son or daughter is interested in attending and has not yet replied to their invitation please contact the front office and reserve a ticket.  It would be great to see as many ex-students as possible.

Head teacher’s Commendations for this December are as follows:

  • Amelia Taylor, 7L
  • Oliver Baker, 8L
  • Liam Hebblewhite, 8L
  • Zoe Foster, 8R
  • Mikey Regan, 8R
  • Sydney Sykes, 8R
  • Georgina Williams-Ketteridge, 8R
  • Katy Adams, 9B
  • Oliver Bruton, 9F
  • Zoe Wardrop, 9F
  • Ella Furnace, 10B
  • Eleanor Driver, 10N
  • Amy Jonas, 10N
  • Paolo Caldarella, 10R
  • James Dobinson, 11N
  • Joseph Carr, 12L
  • Laurence Wilson, 12R
  • Rhys Jackson, 13F
  • Dodie Clark, 13L
  • George Fiddes, 13R
  • Sophie Rees, 13R
  • Laura Richardson, 13R

Names will be displayed on our Commendations Board and all students will receive their awards from me in the next week.   Commendations awarded to students in September, October and November can be viewed here.  Again, I would like to congratulate each of these students. 

Finally, I know students and staff will feel ready for a well-earned break after such a packed term.  Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to five members of staff.  Mr Smith leaves after eight years to take up the new role of Assistant Head at the Valley School in Stevenage, having been an invaluable asset to the Humanities team as our KS3 Humanities Co-ordinator and a teacher of History.  Mr Burns leaves after three years to return to his home in Cardiff.  Mr Burns has taught ICT and Business Studies and has also had a big impact on our D of E programme.  Miss Baxter leaves us from the Maths Faculty for a position at Notley High in Braintree, having taught here for three years.  She has been a valuable member of staff and has always given her all for her students.  Anne Coveney has been a valuable asset to the French Department and MFL faculty since she joined us in September for a single term. We will miss them all and wish them every future success in their teaching careers. Finally, Mrs Stalley leaves our Reprographics team having been at Leventhorpe for twelve years.  She has been a great member of staff and has been an active member of the staff choir.  Mrs Stalley has always done her best to support staff and students to make the learning at Leventhorpe the best it can be and she will be greatly missed.  We wish her happiness in her retirement. 

I look forward to seeing you all after the break and hope you all enjoy the Christmas holiday and wish you all a Happy New Year.

Jon Locke

News and Notices

January examinations and Bad Weather Closures

Should the school have to close because of bad weather any timetabled external examination WILL take place as previously indicated.  Information about school closure will be on Heart FM and BBC Radio Essex as well as on the School website.  We are not allowed to defer exams until the next day or even to a different session on the same day.  Therefore should you miss the exam in January it will not be available until the May/June session. This may seem extremely hard but those are the JCQ regulations!

If bad weather forces us to close during the examination period, I shall set off on foot to get to school as soon as possible.  All being well, the exams will start by 09.30 at the latest.  If you are late, then you have until the timetabled end of the exam to make a start, and you will be allowed the full time.  If you arrive after everyone else has finished, then unfortunately you will not be able to start the exam, however much hardship you have been through to get to School.  Exams will be in the hall and no other part of School will be open (including the Sixth Form Common Room).  Hopefully the School will be heated but prepare for the possibility that it may not be.

A submission will be made to awarding bodies concerning the weather conditions which may have made sitting the exam difficult on any closure day. It is obviously very important to you to take the exam, especially if you are in Year 13 but please do not take unnecessary risks that may endanger your life in order to get to School.  Any queries regarding this information should be addressed to Mr Banister.

Mr Banister, Examinations Officer, Head of Year 12

holly top rightSixth Form Community Christmas Partyholly top right

The Sixth Form Community Party took place on the afternoon of Thursday 13th December, with forty-five senior citizens sitting down to a festive lunch and plenty of entertainment by students.  The entertainment ranged from the school's ukulele group to bingo, seasonal carol singing, a magician and a quiz and some of the students sang and played some beautiful duets and solos. Our catering manager provided a buffet lunch and Father Christmas gave everyone a present for being so good! Everyone said they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the students were pleased to see that all their hard work was really appreciated.  

xmas group ukulele group

community xmas lunch 028 community xmas lunch 036

Thanks to Sixth Form Community Group member Harry Tarling, who recently made contact with Nockolds Solicitors in Bishop's Stortford, the firm of solicitors generously donated £100 to the party.  This was greatly appreciated by all members of the Sixth Form Community Group.

Ms Reynolds

Pin a Wish on our Wishing Tree

wishing tree 2

Our Wishing Tree is in Reception, adorned with a growing number of wishes.  If you would like to add a decoration to the tree, simply pick up a green tag, add your wish and hang it on the tree, remembering to make a small contribution to the Teenage Cancer Trust via the bucket next to the tree...Thank you to Christian Rose and Ruby Pease in Year 12 for coordinating this Christmassy charity event, supported by Mr Judge.

Raising the Age of Compulsory Education

From the last day of the academic year 2013, RPA comes into effect - RPA standing for "Raising the participation Age" which involves young people staying in education and training until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17.  Please click here to view the leaflet and learn more about what this entails.

Do you Play Netball?

The Ladies Netball Team have been training every Friday after school since the start of the school year and recently had to put all the training to serious use when they faced male members of staff in the gym in "the Great Netball Challenge Autumn 2012" .  It was a very exciting match with a vast audience cheering on the players, but the female team sadly had to concede a rather embarrassing defeat of 20-12 to their male opponents.   Convinced that a certain level of cheating must have gone on, the Ladies Netball Team have challenged the male players to another match after Christmas.   If you play netball please do join the Ladies' Team for training every Friday at 4pm, so that we can win this time!

Ms Stretton & Ms Reynolds

Contacting SEN Department

If you need to contact our SEN Department please use the email address

Library News

Christmas Quiz from our Reading Buddies


Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Do you know what the last day of Christmas is called?  Or how many ghosts haunt Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?  Click on Snoopy and try our Reading Buddies Quiz!  You can then check your answers....Good luck!

Mrs Grange, Librarian

Extra-Curricular Club News

eggScience Club - The Great Egg Race Final

Teams of Year 7 and 8 students have been busy over the past four weeks designing and building their contraptions to transport an egg safely across an 80cm gap. Ideas ranged from using a pulley to wind a cotton wool-filled box along two lengths of dowelling that spanned the gap, to rolling the egg down a reinforced tube (simple but effective). Four teams: Eggtastic Eggathon, S.A.D., Double Trouble and The Eggies made it through to the final. After some last minute adjustments and trial runs, Dr Stanley judged the competition by giving the teams marks for execution and design. The winning team was The Eggies (Abigail Allen and Charlie Romain) with their plastic bottle tubular design; joint runners-up were S.A.D. and Double Trouble. Well done to all those who took part!

 SAD  double trouble

SAD                                                                Double Trouble

 eggtastic again the eggies hopefully just right

Eggtastic Eggathon                                          The Eggies

Mr Xavier, Head of Science

Japanese Club

jap flagHave a go at a Christmas Code Breaker from Japanese Club - please click here to be taken straight to the quiz.  Good luck!

Student Success

Ellie Williams' Athletics Success

Well done to Ellie Williams in Year 9 who recently earned two awards from her athletics club.

ellie williams photo



Leventhorpe Alumni

Mozhgon Jeddi

Former Leventhorpe Sixth Former Mozhgon Jeddi is spending her third year of university on a placement at Imperial College in London, doing heart research.  Mozhgon recently contacted Mrs Jackson to let her know how grateful she is that she did an Open University course on heart diseases here at Leventhorpe as it helped to develop her interest in this area of science.



Art News

Year 12 Photographers at Somerset House

On Thursday 6th December our photography class went on an inspirational trip to Somerset house, which is a beautiful building with detailed carvings. We went to see the Tim Walker exhibition. I really liked his photography work because I found his work quite wacky, unique and out of the ordinary!  Also compared to other photographers today Tim Walker uses realistic props and some photos in the exhibiton had a meaning to them which made you think about what the photo composed and consisted of. 

swan art pic 2

Overall I think Tim Walker is an amazing photographer and probably one of my favourites and I would love to take photos in his style.

Isher Devsi, 12B


Food Tech News

Festive Mince Pies

Year 10 students made mince pies in their Food Technology lesson last week. Alfie was in charge of the class and rose to the challenge very well, giving clear direction and instruction to his fellow students. We shall wait to see who is going to be our 'expert' next week...

food tech 11 foodtech24

food tech 3 food tech 41

Ms Pagram, Head of Food Technology


MFL News

Insight into Spanish Cinema

mfl 11

On Thursday 29th November, Year 12 and 13 Spanish A Level students visited the British Film Institute in London to gain an insight into the diverse genre of Spanish film. We were taken on a journey through the history of Spanish cinema starting with the famous “Marcelino Pan y Vino” (1955) where we explored different viewpoints of the film and were introduced to the religious symbolism used. The aspect of horror is also widely used in Spanish films and we studied this through clips of more modern films such as “El espinazo del diablo” (2001) and “El laberinto del fauno” (2006). In the afternoon we were lucky enough to watch a full length film: “Pan Negro” (2011) set during the aftermath of the Spanish civil war. We watched the film in Spanish but with English subtitles so that we could follow the story of conflict entirely but also gain new vocabulary. Overall, the day was enjoyable and extremely beneficial to increase our knowledge of Spanish culture and genres of film.

Emma Coates, Year 12

MFL Pencils of Power!

pencil and lightning

Well done to the following students for working hard in French and Spanish and for being awarded the latest half term awards and "pencils of power":

spanish flag smallerSpanish Awards


  • Year 7
    Emma Soley, Ben Sanderson, Kian Collins, Lorna Gibson, Sydney Sykes, Conor Crout, Georgie Ellis and Lucy Hamp
  • Year 8
    Tara O'Neill, Joe Green, Lucie Mann, Nathan Mendel, Olivia Scott and Katie Sperrin
  • Year 9
    Sam Briscoe, Jodi Hoffman, Katie Adams, Ella McGuinness, Tom Gamble, Jessica Rowe
  • Year 10
    Ellie Butler, Eleanor Butler, Joe Harris, Finn Antrobus, Alex Fentiman
  • Year 11
    Stan Hume, Tom Regan
  • Year 12
    Priya Bilkhoo, Bethan Casey
  • Year 13
    Sophie Rees, Joao Martires (Birchwood)

frenchflag smallerFrench Awards


  • Year 7
    Izzy Johnstone, Thomas Ramsey, Emily Chrysostomou, Lee Loftus, Abigail Allen, Harry Mouser, Finn Woodruff, Tiegan Claridge, Zoe Maris, Ciaran Cross, Rosie Ryley, Daniel Heath
  • Year 8
    George Fuat, Jessica Stevens, Emily Butler, Hakan Ilhan, Lucie Mann, Nathan Mendel, Zoe Austin, Joe Jenkins, Nathan Parry-Davies, Hannah Gillman, Josh Hewitt, Annabelle Mitchell, Jacob Dixon, Emily Butler
    Matissa Ballard, John Lee
  • Year 9
    Sam Briscoe, Ellie Williams, Sam Parker
  • Year 10
    William Price, Gar-Kae Wong
  • Year 11
    Emily Smith, Samuel Marrow
  • Year 12
    Emily Griffiths, Jay White
  • Year 13
    Sara El Rafae

Music News

Christmas Concert

music band

music 2 music 3

A huge well done and thank you to all students who participated in the Christmas Concert. I am so impressed to have heard the wonderful range and quality of the music performed by the soloists, ensembles and dancers. The atmosphere was lively and uplifting, and the audience seemed to have a great time. Thank you to all the students who helped to make my first big concert at Leventhorpe such a lovely event, and for everyone who supported the Music Department to make it happen. Finally, many thanks to the audience who were in such good voice, and left with such big smiles on their faces!  Well done everyone.

Many more photos from the Christmas Concert can be viewed on the Gallery section of our website. 

One-Off Orchestral / Choral Project with Les Violons de Bry

Twinning Concert with Les Violons de Bry, March 16th, Gt.St. Mary’s Church, Sawbridgeworth

On Saturday 16th March there will be a combined performance with Les Violons  de Bry and musicians from Leventhorpe at Great St Mary's Church in Sawbridgeworth.   We are getting together for a large-scale performance as part of the visit from the young string group from Bry-Sur-Marne, with a number of combined pieces. With their strings, and our wind/brass/percussion – we will make a full orchestra!

All students who are over Grade 4 in an orchestral instrument, and singers can join in this one-off orchestral performance project.  Please see Mrs Oliver to register interest and for more details, and keep the performance date free in your diary.

Well Done


Huge congratulations go to Alice Redgewell in 7B who recently passed her Grade 3 flute exam. Well done Alice, that’s a fantastic achievement for Year 7, and we all look forward to hearing you play in concert soon, so keep practising!

Mrs Oliver, Head of Music

PE News

Sky Sports Living for Sportsky sports2

Living for Sport is a project set up to inspire young people to enjoy and get the most out of the benefits of sport, and here at Leventhorpe a number of Year 7 and 8 students are currently taking part in the initiative.  Darren Campbell, former Olympic sprinter and Sky Sports Living for Sport Ambassador, says the project aims  to use "sport stars and sport skills to improve the lives of thousands of young people....there's a sport for everyone and it can change your life."

Last week the Living for Sport group met their athlete mentor, Ex-World BMX Champion, Mike Mullen and Jamie Burrow of the GB Snowboarding Team, who is training to be an athlete mentor.  Mike gave an inspirational talk on his journey to becoming an international athlete. Coming from a single parent home, as a 12 year old Mike had to raise funds by washing cars at the weekend to afford a BMX of his own and follow his dream. The group really enjoyed the talk and took away a lot of inspiration from both the sports stars.

Jamie was fortunate enough to carry the Olympic torch through his home town of Bath in the summer and brought the torch in to show the students. He is currently training hard as a prospect for the Winter Olympics in 2014, and spoke about the difficulties of juggling his university degree whilst also training full-time.

It was a real pleasure to have the athletes in and the students were on a real buzz from the session. Mike will be back in the Spring term at the end of the project and will be leading a BMX practical session for the group. The weekly practical sessions will be kicking off after Christmas and students will be taking part in a variety of sports as part of the project designed to inspire and develop the Year 7 and 8 students.

Mr Marsh, PE Faculty

Senior Netball Success

Leventhorpe Senior Girls' Netball Team played the annual pre-season friendly versus Bishop's Stortford Boys High School on Wednesday this week. The ladies played fantastically well especially considnetballering that it was the first match they have played as a team. After the first quarter the score was 9-9, the second quarter was 16-16. The third quarter was when we really managed to get on top and turn over their centre passes to gain advantages.  Boys High were relentless though and all throughout the second half they double marked our goal shooter, Rachel Hill, out of the circle.  However, with some excellent movement around our attacking circle from Georgia Goodall (GA) - and Chessa Estuya (C) and absolutely amazing shooting from the edge of the circle by Georgia, we managed to win the third quarter.

The final quarter both teams were looking tired but they both came out fighting to win. All we needed to do was retain our advantage on every centre pass and we would win. All the ladies stepped up their game and the motivation from the Captain, Harriet Nicholson, helped them to play extremely well together.  We were pleased when the final whistle went and we had won 28-24! Well done to all the Senior Ladies and thank you to Rachel Hill from Year 10 for stepping in as a goal shooter.  A good start to the netball season ahead!


  • GK:   Alexandra Tidmass/ Corrie Fewtrall
  • GD:   Harriet Nicholson (C)
  • WD:  Nicole Harris/ Alexandra Tidmass
  • C:     Chessa Estuya
  • WA:  Corrie Fewtrall / Charlotte Neill
  • GA:  Georgia Goodall
  • GS:   Rachel Hill

Mrs Castle

Swim the Channel Update

french flag copy

We are into the last week of the challenge now and I am pleased to announce that last week Newsom joined Barnard and Rivers in France as they have now also completed 1535 lengths - 119 lengths more that the 1416 length channel distance!  Congratulations must particularly go to Harry Broadbent, Leah Ross, Lucy Hamp, Hannah Goodwin and Jade Woodward who have been consistently attending and swimming for Newsom House!
In fourth Place is Cutforth who are so close to the French shore, having completed 1085 lengths.  Abbey Taylor, Bethan French, Tiegan Claridge and Amelia Taylor have all been so dedicated to the challenge.  Fawbert and Lawrence are in fifth and sixth place respectively.  

The staff have also been busy swimming and getting involved in the challenge.  Mr Kitson, Ms Baxter, Mrs Jeffries, Mr Judge, Mrs Ostler and Mrs Grange in particular have done really well clocking up the lengths! 

Lots of students have got involved in the Swim the Channel challenge since it began in September,  not only increasing their levels of fitness but also helping to raise awareness of Aspire, a charity which supports people with spinal injuries.  The students have been busy gathering sponsors over the past few weeks. Can I please remind students that any money they have raised over the past few weeks needs to be handed to Mrs Castle before the end of term.  

We will be holding a school assembly on Tuesday 8th January to celebrate the successes of all the swimmers.  Then straight on to our next swimming event on Thursday 10th January - House Swimming.

Mrs Castle and Mr Judge

Dance Group Perform in Christmas Concert


Well done to the Dance Group who, assisted by Miss Taplin, performed in our Christmas Show on 5th December.  The Group was formed in September and consists of girls from Years 7-11 who have been training every Monday night and over lunchtimes to develop their performance – a hip hop piece set to a mash-up of ‘Get Low,’ ‘Tick Tock’ and ‘DJ Falling in Love.’  Having put the vast majority of the choreography together themselves, along with making their own costumes, the girls have really shown how commitment can pay off and should be very proud of their efforts and achievements.

Congratulations go to  Georgina Williams-Ketteridge, Zoe Maris, Elise Revett, Julia Venus, Eleanor Beckwith, Molly Flowerday, Ellie Tyler, Georgia Jordan, Ellie Reynolds, Anna Norburn, Teigan Claridge, Charlotte Earl, Emma Kent,  Tiger Goldsmith and Niah Powell. A special thanks to Abbie Shotter for all her help with the Dance club.

Well done girls.

Meet the Athletejo keyes1

  • Name:
    Joe Keyes, Yr 12Role:
    Senior Rugby Team, AS Level PE
  • Sports/ Activities:
    Rugby, Sports Leaders
  • What has school sport done for me?
    It gives you a great opportunity to be playing competitive sport with some of your mates.
  • Representation:
    England Rugby League, London Broncos RL Academy, Leventhorpe School Rugby, Various School Teams

Goodbye and Good Luck

After twelve weeks working within the PE Department, Mr Russell and Miss Taplin will be leaving Leventhorpe at the end of the week to go back to University and complete their degree courses in teacher training.  As a department we would like to say a huge thank you for their efforts and the contributions that they have made to PE here at Leventhorpe . We wish you all the best for your future careers.

Mr Hore

Science News

Scientists of the Month

science trophy pic2KS3

  • Teigen Claridge
    Nominated by Miss Jones for an excellently presented book and a mature attitude shown to learning.
  • Molly Forbes
    Nominated by Miss Parnell for consistently good investigative work.
  • Kate Peacock
    Nominated by Miss Parnell for a fantastic test result.
  • Katy Adams
    Nominated by Miss Jones for a wonderful project on Extreme Weather Clothing.
  • Lauren Kennedy
    Nominated by Miss Dean for a fantastic test result.
  • Claudia Lee
    Nominated by Miss Dean for always trying her best and working hard.


  • Savannah Watkins
    Nominated by Miss Dean for always trying her best and working hard.
  • Alice Peacham
    Nominated by Miss Parnell for consistent hard work and resilience in lessons.
  • Aaron Bruin
    Nominated by Miss Parnell for an excellent result in the Year 10 exam.
  • Emily Price
    Nominated by Miss Parnell for consistently working above her target grade.
  • Elliott Brooks
    Nominated by Miss Parnell for consistently showing resilience and working hard.

Futures & Careers News

Christmas Message

Mr Bowen has a Christmas Message for students thinking about their future and which path to take - you can also click on the tree below.

tree with msg1



Community Courses

A New Year - A New Challenge!


We have a new Print Making class starting in January, and are taking names of those interested in Creative Writing, for which we hope to start a class in late Spring.   New learners are still welcome to enrol part way through our Language classes. 

Details and enrolment forms are available on the Courses page of our website, in both Pdf and Word format, so please ensure that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

All enquiries welcome.  Please phone Mrs Jane Johnson on 01279 836633 or email for more information.

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