Issue 38 - 24 November 2011

Welcome from Mr Locke

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

I know it seems impossible but we have less than three school weeks to go before our Christmas break.  This was brought home to me when I saw the wonderful array of Christmas packages in the school reception yesterday, waiting to be collected as our contribution towards the Operation Christmas Child programme.  I would like to thank the School Council for organising this activity along with the many students and parents who have contributed.   Our annual Christmas Concert is also fast approaching and will take place on Monday 5th December.  There are still some tickets available so if you have not already done so, I recommend that you buy a ticket and come to enjoy our annual musical celebration.  It is worth coming not least for Mr Beardsworth’s jokes!

In the past fortnight students and staff have been just as busy as always.  There have been a number of trips; Years 11 to 13 Business Studies students attended a national conference in London; Years 7 and 8 Rivers students went to see the musical Shrek; and Year 13 English students attended a Gothic lecture at the University of Hertfordshire.  In addition Mrs Jones ran a very successful Fair Trade day last Wednesday raising more than £600 for charity and then hosted a Global Awareness day for all of Year 8 on Thursday.  Mr Williams and his Business and Finance Diploma students also ran an Enterprise Challenge day last Wednesday inviting teams from our other local secondary schools.  Both of these events were very successful and, as always, Leventhorpe students behaved really well.

Last week we invited all Year 7 parents in to school to meet each other and to have a short consultation with their child’s tutor.  It was really heartening to hear so many positive comments about the way our new Year 7 students have settled in and have been made welcome by the rest of the school.  I would like to reiterate that there may still be issues which arise so please always feel free to contact your child’s tutor or Head of House.  They will do their best to resolve any problems.  We are also running our annual ‘Year 11 Mentoring Programme’ evening this Thursday.  A selection of students in Year 11, who received letters from Mr Reeve last week, will come in to school and begin their mentoring programme.  The aim of this programme is to support the students who we feel might most benefit from some individual attention.  The remaining students in Year 11 will be supported by their tutors and our Futures Advisor, Mr Bowen.  I would urge all invited parents to attend on Thursday, it has previously made a significant difference.

I would finally like to thank all of the staff and students who were involved in our recent Sixth Form Open Evening.  As always the school looked fantastic but the most impressive aspect was the way our Sixth Form students conducted themselves.  We have received a great deal of positive feedback and it is heartening to see how proud the students are of their school.  The introduction of a Sixth Form video was a great addition and if you did not attend and would like to see this, please go to our website and follow the link at the bottom on the front page, in the Sixth Form section.  We will review how the evening went by taking views from staff and students.  I would also welcome any views of parents who visited on that evening.  So if you attended and feel any aspect of the evening was particularly successful or not up to scratch, please could you email me using the school email address:

Jon Locke

Industrial Strike - School Closure

School Closure Wednesday 30th November

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Further to my letter last week, I am writing to inform you of our position regarding this Wednesday’s proposed strike action.

Due to the number of staff who have indicated that they will be taking strike action and having carried out a risk assessment, the decision has been made to fully close the school to all pupils on Wednesday 30th November. Staff who are not striking will be required to come to school and work, but the volume of absence would make it impossible to run normal lessons safely.

I am sure you will be aware that Wednesday’s strike is part of national industrial action about the proposed changes to teachers’ pensions by the Government.

I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this might cause you and can assure you that we will try to minimise the negative effect on student learning.

Yours sincerely
Jon Locke

Free School Meals

We are very aware that, in the current economic climate, a family’s financial situation can change at any time. With this in mind I would like to inform all parents that the process of applying for Free School Meals has been made easier by the local authority and can now be done on-line or over the phone.

Furthermore, now that we have our cashless catering system, students eligible for Free School Meals have their allowance automatically credited to their account at the beginning of every day and are able to use the credit in the usual way. This means students do not collect a meal ticket on a daily basis.

Am I Eligible?

If you receive one of the following benefits, you could be eligible for free school meals worth over £300 per child per year:

  • Income support
  • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit with a taxable income of no more than £16,190 and not in receipt of Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Working Tax Credit during the four-week period immediately after employment finishes or after you start to work less than 16 hours per week

Applying for free school meals in Hertfordshire has never been easier or faster! We recommend you apply online at

This will mean you will not have to reapply for free school meals every year and your child will get their free school meals without delay.

You can call the customer service centre on 0300 123 4048 (8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday).

I do hope you take the time to ensure that you and your children receive the support to which they are entitled. If you have any questions on this matter please contact Nicole Burrell at the School Office.

Mr D Reeve, Deputy Headteacher

Building Learning Power

How do you rate your child? - Part 1

In previous articles for the School Newsletter, parents will have learnt that Leventhorpe is focusing on the Building Learning Power initiative as our means of helping students and staff to focus on the vital learning skills that we are developing at school.

We are also conscious that parents may want a way of thinking about how well their sons and daughters are doing as they develop their learning potential and to help this along we will be including a four part parents’ guide to the learning power in this and the next three Leventhorpe Newsletters.

Educational researchers have identified seventeen distinct learning “muscles” that students use and to make these a little bit easier to manage they have placed them in four groups:

  • Positive Focus Learning Power (Resilience)
  • Smart Thinking Learning Power (Resourcefulness)
  • Thoughtfulness  Learning Power (Reflectiveness)
  • Team Work Learning Power (Reciprocity)

We will look at each of these groups in turn over the next four issues and provide a simple four-stage model for parents to make a broad brush assessment about how strong their child’s learning muscles might be in that area. The metaphor of a learning “muscle” is actually very helpful, because as we know muscles strengthen with use and weaken when they not used.  The same is true of learning, student get to be better learners by learning harder, but they can also lose that learning strength if they stop stretching themselves.

Positive Focus Learning Power

This area of your child’s learning looks at how much they have been stretching themselves in terms of their alertness and attitude to their development.  It looks at whether they get absorbed in their learning and avoid unhelpful distractions.  It also looks at how keen and observant they are as well as how determined they are when learning is tough.

Positive Focus Learning Power (Resilience)


A student who is always on the lookout for challenges and will actively enjoy learning that is difficult.  They will have strong self-management skills that enable them to get the best from the full range of activities.  Sometimes they may appear to go off the point, but this will often be the results of a creative intuition that others may benefit from.  To improve further, it might be worth identifying areas of particular personal interest, so that they can be explored in greater depth.


A positive student who enjoys learning across a wide range of activities.  They will work well in class and follow instructions effectively.  They may be less confident with independent work, or difficult activities where the outcome is not clear.  They may sometimes miss interesting asides by being over focused on the main point.  To improve further, it will be worth developing their confidence to guess or have a go, when not totally sure of the correct answer.


A student who might be inconsistent in their focus on learning.  They may get on well in areas that they like, but then find excuses for why they do not focus in areas of learning that they like less.  They may not manage their emotions well and might have a tendency to be in the wrong “mood” for the lesson.  To improve further, it will be necessary to take responsibility for learning in all situations, having the right attitude rather than trying to find excuses for poor focus.


A student who is often negative and disheartened about learning activities.  They may assume they cannot succeed before trying and made need lots of support and encouragement in order to participate.  To improve further, it will be necessary to build on successes no matter how small and build up a more “can do” attitude.  Another approach is to try first before asking for assistance.

James Dyke, Deputy Head

News and Notices


Christmas Lunch 2011

trees trees1

Christmas Lunch 2011
Friday 9th December


Traditional Roast Turkey
with Homemade Stuffing & Sausages in Bacon
Parsnip & Cranberry Loaf
Roast Potatoes & Honey Roast Parsnips
Peas & Carrots / Spiced Red Cabbage / Brussels Sprouts
Homemade Bread Sauce
Christmas Pudding with Custard
Homemade Banoffee Pie
£3.25 (price held from 2010)

Tickets for this lunch will be available from the Dining Hall Cashiers for one week only - Monday 28th November -  Friday 2nd December 2011

Please ensure that your sons and daughters have sufficient funds in their account to purchase their tickets next week.

Mrs Ross, Catering Manager

trees2 trees3

Parental Questionnaires

A big thank you to all parents who took the time to complete the questionnaires we sent out recently.  We had a truly excellent response from you.  Over six hundred completed questionnaires were returned and these will now be sent for analysis.  It will take a little time to fully analyse the results and to decide on our action plans but we will keep you informed.   In the meantime, thank you - by taking the time to complete the questionnaire you are helping us in our efforts to make Leventhorpe a truly outstanding learning environment for all our students.

Congratulations to the following forms within each house who returned the most questionnaires before the deadline:  7C, 8B, 7L, 8R, 12N, 11F.  They have won a large tin of chocolates for their form – well done to these students and their Tutors.  Enjoy!

Parent prize draw winners are: Mrs Bridger, Mr Payne, Ms Lambert, Mr Gray and Mrs Piercey who won a bottle of prize-winning Madeleine wine from the Leventhorpe Vineyard in Woodleford, Yorkshire – congratulations all.

Mrs Moodie, Clerk to the Governors, Communications Officer

Entrepreneurship Day

On Tuesday 22nd November Leventhorpe hosted Entrepreneurship Day for Year 9 students from around the consortium, including Birchwood, Hertfordshire and Essex, Hockerill, The Bishops Stortford High School and, of course, Leventhorpe.  The day, which was held as a part of Global Enterpreneurship Week, had students competing for the title of Most Enterprising School and involved working in teams to come up with a marketing plan for a new bar of soap.  The teams, supported by Angus Farmer from Coco Mango, had to develop and then present their ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs from around the area with only a few minutes in which to do their presentation.  Although all the teams came up with impressive and innovative ideas, one of the Bishop's Stortford High School teams came away with the winning title. 

enterprisedayinhall enterpriseschoolsphoto

Mr Williams, Business / Economics / ICT

Transatlantic Mission

A party of nineteen teachers from eight different schools in the Hertfordshire County had a unique professional development experience during the October half term in Canada. Mrs Ball, Mrs Williams and Miss Baxter from Leventhorpe visited Montreal, Quebec on a return visit of an International Teacher Exchange Project which started in February.


canadatrip1 canadatrip21

Leventhorpe has been partnered with Riverdale High School, from the Lester B Pearson Schools Board. Riverdale is a state English language secondary school (years 7-11) located in the Pierrefonds area of Montreal. It is a school rich in culture with a dynamic and diverse population. There are fifty-five different nationalities that make up the student body and six different educational programs to cater for the diverse needs of the students. It promotes the ideals of getting a good education, aiming for high standards combined with a strong sense of community spirit.

We are keen to develop this partnership further with ideas of creating academic and cultural exchanges for students, and professional exchanges and collaborative projects for teaching staff.

Mrs Ball, Mrs Williams and Miss Baxter


Leventhorpe's Movember Team Needs You!


Eight dedicated members of staff, with Mr Pickering at the helm, have been growing moustaches this month in support of Movember, raising money for the Prostate Cancer Charity, the Institute of Cancer Research and the Movember Foundation.

Movember 001

Please support this worthy cause by visiting the Movember website and entering Leventhorpe in the team search.

Mr Pickering, Humanities

Sixth Form Film

Sixth Form Film

Mr Neale, Associate Teacher, worked with Sixth Form students to create a fantastic video of life as a Leventhorpe Sixth Former.  The video clip, which is also on Youtube, was shown to future sixth fomers at the recent Sixth Form Open Evening and can be viewed here.

Library News

Manga Drawing Competition

The manga drawing competition, which has resulted in some stunning drawings currently on display in the Library, draws to a close on Tuesday 29th November.  The entries will be judged by Ms Pickering in the Art Department, and a voucher will be awarded to the winner.


mangacompoverview mangapics3
mangacomp4 drawing

Mrs Grange, Librarian

Eco Global Group

The Biggest Challenge in Human History - Will You Be Part of it?

bruce3This was the title of the talk given by environmentalist Bruce Nixon  when he spoke to Year 8s on the afternoon of the annual Global Day.  Author of the book, A Better World is Possible,  Mr Nixon offered an interesting perspective on how we should be changing our attitude and behaviour if we want to stop draining the planet of the essential natural resources such as fossil fuels and water. He built on work and activities from the morning sessions where students watched the film “HOME”  about  what is happening to our planet and then learnt what they could do to look after it more carefully.  Here are some of their reactions:


  • “We are wasting all the good things we have”
  • “We are destroying our planet and we need to change.
  • “we should keep the population down, as more people means more things being wasted”.
  • “Every two seconds we lose an area of rainforest the size of  a football pitch”
  • “Many animals are becoming extinct”
  • “In 40 year’s time the world’s oil will run out”
  • “We are taking for granted the resources we have on Earth”
  • “We shouldn’t use cars so much because they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and cause pollution which is ruining the planet.”

And these two sentences from two students eloquently sum up what we learnt on the day: “We are wasting resources that others badly need” and “our mistakes punish the whole earth; we HAVE to change our ways.”  As one of the films showed: “Tomorrow’s climate is Today’s challenge” and we CAN do something about it.

 globaldaygoodpic globaldayposters

Here are some of Year 8’s recommendations for what we should be doing at Leventhorpe:

  • “Turn off unused lights or lights which aren’t needed
  • “Turn down thermostats”
  • “Use energy saving lightbulbs”
  • “Buy fairtrade products”
  • “Remember to turn taps off”
  • “Not have  so many lights on in the hall and in classrooms”
  • “Reduce re-use recycle”
  • “Turn off radiators when it’s too hot.  Turn off lights when nobody is in the room.”
  • “Walk to school where and when you can”
  • “Make sure we bin our chewing gum”

The feeling was at the end of a busy and productive Global Day that ...... A Better World is Possible

Mrs C Jones, Global Dimension and Sustainability Coordinator

Fairtrade Christmas Bonanza

fairtradestaffroom2 fairtradestaffroom2

Thank you to everyone who supported the Fairtrade stalls On Wednesday..  We sold over £150 worth of Fairtrade chocolate and other goodies at the students' stall in the Dining Hall and there was an even more successful stall in the staffroom where we sold over £500 worth of products. This is a record total sale of well over £600!  We also we sold nearly £20 of cakes - the proceeds of which have gone to our partner school in Ghana.  

Thanks for all of your support in making this such a success and thanks to Mrs Pam Robertson of Barnabas Fairtrade who supplies us with our Fairtrade items.  All profits made from her Traidcraft sales go towards a children's charity in Africa.The next Fairtrade stall is in February/March.

Mrs Jones and the Eco Global Group

Careers & Futures News


Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service:
Local Intervention Fire Education (LiFE) Course

On 25th October, four of our Year 10 students attended an induction to prepare for a five day Local Intervention Fire Education (LiFE) course.  Oliver Wiltshire, Tom Blaney, Josh Springham and Ethan Greenall took part in the Youth Engagement Team’s project.  The LiFE work experience course itself was attended by twelve participants and took place at Bishops Stortford Fire Station from 7th -11th November. 

The students enjoyed a cooked breakfast every day before embarking on that day’s activities which included: climbing and descending ladders, hose running, extinguishing simulated fires and entering smoke filled buildings to retrieve realistic fake bodies, whilst wearing breathing apparatus. Trainers from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) mentored two students each, using structured team building activities in a disciplined environment.  

fireboysline1 fireboyssprayingpic21
fireawardpic3 fireawardpic1
fireawardpic2 fireboylevthorp1


The course is aimed at 13-19 year olds to develop communication skills, build self esteem and positive relationships with adults and peers. The experience also provided the students with new skills and the confidence to take on new challenges.  Most of the students came away from the week having a better idea of the kind of career they would like to embark on in the future.

At the end of the week there was a pass out parade, attended by Mr Bowen and Mrs Tedman, as well as parents and family members.  There was a display of teamworking skills and fire drills before the LiFE students were awarded with certificates by John Mills, the Deputy Chief Fire Officer. 

Hertfordshire County Council provided a grant to Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service to support this worthwhile scheme, which has benefitted so many young people.

By Francesca Bartram 9N, Futures Reporter

Ethan Greenall said that "the course was challenging and hard at first but as the week went on it became easier and more fun.  We took part in team-building activities as well as some things that a recruitment fireman would have done, such as running out hoses, dealing with a road traffic accident and basic first aid."

Tom Blaney writes that "at the start of the week I could not get into it and struggled but by Tuesday afternoon I started to put in more effort and enjoyed it much more.  I have done lots of activities and enjoyed them all.  The only thing I did not like was the time I had to get up in the morning!  I would recommend this to others if they get the chance, as it helped me a lot and it has also given me a few more ideas for the future."

And Oliver Wiltshire said he "really enjoyed the experience, it was great and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is chosen to take part".

Mr Bowen, Futures Adviser

Duke of Edinburgh: First Aid Course

St John Ambulance  Young First Aider Certificates D.O.E. Bronze Expedition

We are in safe hands at school – a number of Y11 students have been signed off having completed the ‘Young First Aider’ course accredited by St John Ambulance!

firstaid2 firstaid3

Trained and assessed by Mr and Mrs McKenzie from the Science Department students are now trained to deal with situations such as choking, bites and stings, bleeding (minor), burns and putting casualties into the all important recovery position!

Bandaging up injuries and recovery position seemed to be the most fun part of the course – with a number of giggles and tricky situations being presented.

Please keep your certificates safe as they are valid for three years.

  • 11C: Macauley Alsford, Megan Brace, Millie Fussell, Georgia Kyriacou and Alannah Sutherland
  • 11F: Bethan Casey, Emma Coates, Alexander Marnell, James Morrison and Ellie Palombo
  • 11L: Joseph Carr, Lois Jemmett, Lucy-Ann Phillips and Lucy Syed
  • 11N: Matthew Aldous-Horne, Sophia Ciccarelli, Jack Clucas and Jake Moret
  • 11L: Grace Chalk  - Emergency Life Support Certificate
  • 11R: Louise Baker, Caroline Costelloe, Adam Drane, Hamish Lovatt, Harriet Nicholson, Maisy Rees, Sophie Robinson and Laurence Wilson

For those who did not sign up for the course, why not test out your own first aid knowledge using the following link – good luck!

Mr Burns, DofE Coordinator


Design & Technology News

Technology Coursework Day

Thursday 24th November is Year 11 Design and Technology Day where students focus on the development and making of their final major project which contributes to 60% of their GCSE. The day enables the students to do independent and focused work and results in high quality final products.  Below are pictures showing the students in the middle of their projects.

foodtech21 foodtech21
foodtech21 foodtech21
foodtech21 foodtech21

Design & Technology Faculty

Food Technology

Year 10 students have been making fish pie in Food Technology. We have had some lovely recipe developments with one student including blue cheese and watercress in the sauce, which was apparently delicious. The pies were very creatively decorated too. Well done year 10!

foodtech11 foodtech21


Ms Pagram, Head of Food Technology

English & Drama News

Year 8s' Book Reviews

Over the course of the Autumn term, students from 8N and 8F have been submitting their fiction book reviews onto Moodle. As a result of their detailed and inspiring reviews, Mrs Grange, our Librarian, has also placed the reviews onto the Library’s computer system. This means that students from all year groups searching for a particular book can also read the review on it to help make their decision.

A prize has been awarded to the students who have written the most convincing and interesting reviews, as judged by Mrs Grange. This term’s winners, who will be receiving a £10 Amazon voucher, are James Irvin (8N) and Andrea Mutsambiwa (8F). Highly commended reviews go to Ben Philps (8N), and 8F students Sarah Vandenberk, Madeline Gray, and Joe Leak.

I have been really impressed with how much effort the students have put into their reviews and this has been a really exciting initiative to get the students more involved in reading. Plus, I have found some new books to read!

Miss Nathan, English Faculty

Year 8 Lady of Shalott


Having completed their creative writing on the theme of 'Hideous and Horrible', Year 8s are now enjoying studying something completely different - Tennyson's 'The Lady of Shalott'. Teachers have been impressed with students' willingness to tackle the difficult language of the poem, find and use quotations, and tackle the skill of analysing it using the formula of point-example-explain. One particular highlight has been the sung versions of the poem created by 8B and 8L - the boys were particularly enthusiastic, for example in performing 'The Lady of Shalott' to the tune of other songs they knew including 'Ghost Busters'! A professionally sung version of the song can be heard at

Year 10 Controlled Conditions Coursework

macbeth2Most Year 10 students complete their first coursework essays today, Thursday 24th November, comparing a theme in a Shakespeare play with a theme in poetry from an anthology. Teachers have been very impressed with students' diligence in completing this long and difficult essay in silence in class, and we hope students are pleased with the grades they recieve. The essay is worth 25% of their overall English Literature GCSE grade - a great achievement. Next, students move on to creative and descriptive writing, as part of their English Language course.


Extraordinary Renditions of Chaucer's “The Pardoner’s Tale”

thepardonerAs part of their AS Literature course and study of Chaucer's "The Pardoner's Tale", students were asked to give a presentation and original interpretation of the story of the three rioters in the tale. The story of the Three Riotoures is a moral tale about Man's greed told by a Pardoner - a corrupt, medieval cleric who was famous for duping his congregation and extorting money from them. Chaucer’s irony prevails as the main theme of the Pardoner’s sermons is Radix malorum est Cupiditas: The love of money is the root of all evil.

Known for their independent, intelligent and occasionally wacky responses to literature, some members of Year 13 English Literature produced three amusing, clever and highly entertaining versions.  There was The Puppet and Mask Show - where the three rioters were portrayed as drunken revellers in the form of fellow classmates and somewhere along the line included Nick Clegg and Sir Alan Sugar. (as the Old Man).  The second version  included some interpretations of Commedia dell ‘arte, spirited Irish Dancing, a wonderful version of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights (very Gothic dontcha know), and some very dubious drinking scenes.  The third group’s version was altogether a more sober affair and they had produced a beautiful storyboard with accompanying narration.  All three groups had to provide a detailed justification of why they had chosen to present the Tale in a particular way and this focused their comments tightly on the Gothic genre. 

 englishpic chaucerpic


All three presentations were wonderful examples of how Chaucer can be exhilarating and.... fun and I would like to thank the groups for providing me with such lively and enjoyable entertainment!

Mrs C Jones, English Department

Gothic Lecture

dracula3On Wednesday 23rd November, a group of Year 13 English Literature students made the most of the opportunity to develop their understanding of the Gothic genre by attending a lecture at Hertfordshire University.

Dr Andrew Maunder, English lecturer, gave a lecture on Gothic Literature for A-level students, speaking about the history of Gothic literature, key tropes and themes, and focusing also on set A-level texts Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber'. This was followed by a short question and answer session.

The students said it was really interesting to see what university-style lectures are like and what is expected of them, and therefore good preparation for both their A2 exams and their future university life.

English Plusgirlstudying

The extra English lessons run by Mrs Phillips on Tuesday lunch and form times will now be focused exclusively on preparation for January English resit exams. A number of students have chosen to retake their AS exam unit in an effort to improve their grades, and should find the sessions extremely useful for tips on how to revise, looking at past exam papers, etc. Of course, none of this is a substitute for the individual preparation students need to be willing to undertake at home. We wish students the best of luck in revising over Christmas.

Mrs Phillips, Deputy Head of English

Year 13 Performances

theatreimage2The Year 13  Drama students are performing three devised plays on Thursday 1st December at 7pm. These performances form 40% of their A2 exam grade. Outside audience is very welcome! Tickets available from Drama Studio at £2 each.

Mrs Hollingworth, Head of Drama



Humanities News

Year 8 RS Trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor


On November 7th forty-eight Year 8 students visited Bhaktivedanta Manor - a Hindu Mandir just outside Watford. The temple specifically belongs to the Hare Krishna movement and was purchased for them by George Harrison. The Manor is not just a place of worship (although students did have an opportunity to see the central shrine) but also a living and breathing Hindu community, where students saw the immaculately kept grounds, the Manor's cow protection scheme (as well as their position within their community) and learn about Hindu beliefs first hand. Not to mention a pretty fantastic curry, complete with chips! The trip followed on directly from the recent completion of the RS Homework Project, where students researched the Mandir and then presented the information in a variety of ways, such as a full model, an essay, a poster or a canvas painting, a selection of which can be seen near the front office as you enter the school at the moment.

rstripdisplaypics rstriptemples2

temples3 temples11

Mr Pickering, Religious Studies

Maths News


A selection of Year 12 and 13 Mathematics students took part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Senior Challenge on the 8th of November and the following students achieved awards for their entry:

Joe Marner (scored 79 points)

Matthew Wincott (75 points), Yasmin Hatt (66 points), Melanie Abegglen (65 points) & Angelina Cheuk (64 points).

Ryan Hill (62 points), Lewis Edgeworth (61 points), Robert Mitchell (59 points), Sean Cairns (58 points), James Wair (57 points), Alex Williams (57 points), Aaron Barnes (54 points), Edward Sainsbury (53 points), Ross Moorley (52 points), George Fiddes (52 points) & Connor McQuillan (52 points).

Well done to all who took part in this national competition.

Mr Kitson, Head of Maths

Free Maths "apps"

phoneIf you have a smart phone and never go anywhere without it, and you are studying Mathematics, you might want to read the following:

Two FREE Maths “Apps”, produced by Loughborough University, are now available to download on all major smart phones.

If you search for Mathscard in your phone’s App Store you will find that there is a GCSE app and an A-level app which can be downloaded at no cost.

For more information, visit

Mr Kitson, Head of Maths

MFL News

Year 7 Languages Spelling Bee


Remember the class competition will be at the end of this half term, so not long now to practise all those words. The winners from each class will be the two students who can spell out the most words in a minute and prizes will be awarded to the winning students.  Remember to come along to Room 1 on a Monday at 12.50 for extra help with practising those words.

Mrs Williams

GCSE Spanish club

In the next few weeks we will not only be making sure we know all our tenses, we will also be looking at ways to achieve those higher grades.  So come along to Room 2 on a Wednesday lunchtime and bring your lunch with you.

Mrs Williams

Music News

Singing Club Rehearsals

Please remember to attend the last few rehearsals for Singing Club at 1pm in the Music Block on the following days:

  • Monday 28 Nov
  • Friday 2 Dec 

There will also be a rehearsal during the day of Monday 5th Dec with the concert in the evening at 7.30.

Mrs Sykes, Music Department

Orchestra Rehearsals

The final orchestra rehearsal before the concert day itself will be on Thursday 1st December, so please come along. 

Mr Butler, Head of Music

Science News

Science Club News

This fortnight it has been the turn of Physics in Science Club and students have been having fun exploring the properties of magnets.  Can you spot the levitating spoon?  How does this work?!?!?!  Year 7 student Eleanor Boxall described the magnets as “magical!”.


Next week it is back to Biology with a Christmas theme!

Ms Burton, Head of Biology

Miss Burton, Head of Biology

Community News & Courses

Community Courses at Leventhorpe


Details of Community Courses at Leventhorpe will be available shortly - so watch this space!

Christmas Lights 2011

Sawbridgeworth Town Council Presents: Christmas Lights 2011, to be switched on on 25th November at 6pm in Bell Street.  There will be entertainment, Santa's grotto and competitions on the night as well as hot chocolate, mince pies, bbq, mulled wine and much more...Please click here to view the poster and for information about the free to enter competitions.

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