Leventhorpe 2017 Sixth Form 08231

Sociology is the study of society and social institutions such as the family and education.  Sociology explains how we are influenced by other people and agents of socialisation such as the peer group and the media.  Sociologists also study behaviour that goes against societal norms such as crime and deviance.

Skills you will learn in Sociology: 

  • Understand processes in society which affects others 
  • Researching, judging and evaluating complex information
  • making reasoned arguments
  • appreciating the complexity and diversity of social situations
  • developing opinions and new ideas on societal issues
  • working collaboratively
  • the ability to understand, scrutinise and re-assess common perceptions of the social world

Extra-Curricular Activities & Trips

KS5 – Criminal Psychologist speaker, University of Kent Sociology and Criminology department, Chelmsford prison, Old Bailey and Royal Courts of Justice, Summerhill School, and Museum of Childhood (all trips are subject to availability).

The British Sociological Assocation also has a very useful publication: Discover Sociology.

Curriculum Overview

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