geo trip 32

Curriculum Overview

In your lessons with the Leventhorpe Geography Department we hope that you will discover a love for knowledge about the world around you. We hope that everyone arrives with their own experiences of places they have been to, read about, seen films about or even lived in – everyone has their own personal geography to share.

Much of what we study in Geography relates closely to events in the news. The enormous earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan in the last year, flooding events in Australia and Rio de Janeiro… to name but a few.  

We also believe in learning outside the classroom – whether this means investigating water soaking into the ground on the school field or residential trips – in the last few years we have been to the Peak District, Dorset, The London Olympic Stadium, Sicily (Italy), Manchester and The Eden Project in Cornwall.

All along we hope to develop a set of skills that enable students to understand the world they live in, and to be able to ask questions that will help them to develop this understanding. Our favourite questions include:

  • What is the pattern shown…?
  • What are the reasons for…?
  • How is this affecting people and the environment…?
  • Who is making the decisions about…?
  • What will happen in the future…?
  • Is there a more sustainable way forward…?

Whichever stage you join us at to study Geography, we hope that you will find a subject that is alive with current events and allows you to inject your own interests and opinions. As the world we live in is always changing, so is the subject we study.  

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