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At Leventhorpe learning is at the centre of everything we do and so our curriculum is based on two principles:

  • Providing the richest variety of high quality learning experiences
  • Developing student learning capacity so that they can reach their full potential as learners in school and in their lives ahead

The variety and quality of our curriculum has been rated as outstanding by Ofsted and the number of courses we offer far exceeds that of similar schools our size.  We are a Building Learning Power school, where every student is taught in a way that maximises their development as learners.

A rich and varied curriculum - Keystage 3, Years 7 and 8

At Leventhorpe Keystage 3 is brisk and purposeful giving students the full range of National Curriculum subjects and additional business learning.  Our Keystage 3 lasts for just two years, giving students the perfect spring board for success in the subjects they choose to take later on.

Year 7 and 8 students study eighteen different subjects, giving a rich varied of experience:

Art Business and computing (BCS)  Drama
English French Food Technology (Year 8)
Graphics  Geography  History
Learning Skills (BLP)  Maths Music
Physical Education  Religion Philosophy & Ethics Resistant Materials
Science Spanish Textiles 

Choice and Enrichment – Year 9

Variety and choice are key to the way we plan learning at Leventhorpe and so we give students the opportunity to select some of the subjects that they follow in Year 9.  This gives our learners the chance to focus on what is right for them before making their GCSE choices the following year.  In Year 9, lessons often deal with challenging content that students will study during GCSE and some subjects offer students the opportunity to take their first GCSEs at the end of Year 9.  The table below shows what is on offer (subjects in bold are compulsory).

Art Business and Computing (BCS) Drama
English  French  Food Technology
Graphics  Geography History
Maths  Music  Personal Finance and Business
PE Theory  Philosophy and Ethics  Physical Education
Religion Philosophy & Ethics Resistant Materials Science
Social Science Spanish Textiles

Focus and achievement – Years 10 and 11

After expressing some preferences about what they study in Year 9 students have the opportunity to refine their choice of subjects in Year 10 and 11.  An incredibly wide range of courses are on offer that give every student a tailor made curriculum to suit their interests.  Some subjects are compulsory but Leventhorpe students also have four choices of their own – including AS level qualifications that most schools would not offer their students until they are sixteen years old.

Art AS Applied ICT AS AS Business Studies
Biology Business and computing (BCS)  Business Diploma
Business Studies GCSE   Chemistry  Drama
English  Electronics French
Food Technology  Geography  Graphics
History Information Technology GCSE  Maths
Music OCR National ICT  Personal, Social and Health Ed
Philosophy and Ethics  Physical Education  Physics
Religious Studies  Resistant Materials   Social Science
Spanish  Textiles  

Breadth and Challenge – Year 12 and 13

The quality and breadth of our Sixth Form curriculum is remarkable, and students travel from miles around to become Leventhorpe Sixth Formers.  We usually have in excess of four hundred applications for the one hundred and eighty places available and entry is competitive, based on an applicant’s GCSE results.  Students can choose from a broad range of AS/A2 qualifications. The following table gives an idea of the range of subjects typically available for a student in Year 12.

Art Art Textiles Biology
Business Diploma Business Studies BTEC Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
BTEC Sports & Exercise Studies Chemistry Community Service
Community Sport Leadership Design & Technology -
Design & Technology -
Product Design
Design & Technology -
Resistant Materials
Design & Technology -
Economics English Language English Literature
Financial Literacy French Further Maths
Geography History Maths
Music Philosophy & Ethics Physical Education 
Physics Politics Psychology 
Sociology Spanish


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