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Governors at Leventhorpe


What do Governors at Leventhorpe Do?

Governors of any school have 3 core strategic functions:

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic Direction.

Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its students, and the performance management of Staff.

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


What is the function of Link Governors at Leventhorpe?

Each member of the governing body has one or more areas of speciality and are responsible for knowing that area of the school’s work in depth and then reporting back to the relevant committee or to the whole governing body if relevant. In particular, link governors:

• Organise and lead link meetings with relevant members of senior staff at least once per term.
• Feedback to committee meetings and/or provide minutes of link meeting to Clerk/Chair of Committee.
• Investigate and keep current with latest legislation/code or guidance relating to link area.
• Monitor impact of School Growth Plans/actions relating to link area.
• Question/Discuss/Debate link area issues with other GB Committee members and school SLT link staff. Bring decisions to GB Committee where appropriate.
• Understand (and utilise where appropriate) body of evidence from school for improvements or developments relating to link area.
• Understand and utilise opinions and feedback from key stakeholders (staff, students, parents, community) relating to link area.
• Take up training opportunities (available to Governors) for link area where appropriate and affordable.


Membership of Committees and Link Responsibilities

Chair of Governors: Dr Tony Evans

School Improvement & Student Welfare Roles / Links / Areas of Responsibility


Chair - Ray James

Clerk - Maureen Bray

Malcolm White Headteacher
Ray James Chair Admissions, Faculty Review, Chair SISW, Teaching School, Child Protection, Safeguarding and the Prevent Duty
Peter Westbrook Curriculum, Admissions
Tony Evans Chair of Governors, SISW, Resources, Admissions, Self-Evaluation and Faculty Review
Maureen Bray Admissions, Clerk SISW, Teaching & Learning, Curriculum, SEN, Pupil Premium and Looked After Children, Data Analysis and standards of Achievement
Neil Beardsworth Student Welfare - (extra-curricular, PSHE, RS, etc)
Siobhan Chester SCITT and Teaching School
Jane Burchfield Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
Yvonne Coombes School Improvement and Student Welfare

Resources                        Roles / Links / Areas of Responsibility


Chair - Gary Austin

Tony Evans Chair of GB, Admissions, SISW, Resources, Governing Body Staff Link
Malcolm White Headteacher
Kim Durrani Careers
Paul Wilson Facilities and New Builds
David Martin Vice-Chair of GB, Responsible Officer, Student Discipline, HR/Staff Welfare
Gary Austin CPD/Training, Chair Resources
Robin Chalcraft Health & Safety
Thomas Bailey Resources
Ben Lucas Resources
Chris Warne Resources

Linked Governors

Area of Responsibility Governor Link Staff Link
SEN, Pupil Premium and Looked After Children M. Bray C. Cusick
Policy Review Committee Chairs J. Moodie
HR & Staff Welfare D. Martin W. Shannon
Safeguarding (employment practice) R. James W. Shannon
Facilities and Resources (including any new builds) P. Wilson W. Shannon
Teaching and Learning M. Bray B. Kistell
Curriculum P. Westbrook, M. Bray M. White
Communications G. Austin J. Moodie
Community Y. Coombes W. Ball
CPD G. Austin D. Harvey
Data Analysis (Raiseonline) and standards of achievement C. Hayward, M. Bray J.Dyke
Self-Evaluation - to include faculty review T. Evans and R. James J.Dyke
Student Welfare (extra-curricular, PHSE, RS, etc) N. Beardsworth D. Harvey / C. Cusick
School Council / Student Voice Y. Coombes A. Francis
Admissions R, James, T. Evans, J. Locke, M. Bray, P. Westbrook J. Moodie
Health & Safety R. Chalcraft S. Miller
Student Discipline D. Martin A. Francis
Child Protection and Prevention Duty M. Bray C. Cusick (CP) J. Dyke (Prevention Duty)
Responsible Officer D. Martin A. Bhangoo
Teaching School (including National Support School, ITT and Succession Planning R. James J. Dyke
Careers K. Durrani J. Dyke

Leventhorpe School is operated by Rivers Multi Academy Trust
Company No. 07697367
Registered in England and Wales

Governing Body Policies

Copies of governing body policies are available to parents on request to the Clerk to the Governing Body, care of the School.

Governing Body Documents


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