Exam Results 2018

Examination Results 2018

GCSE Results

This year saw our students perform superbly well in their summer exams and our best ever GCSE results. 93% of our students achieved at least a grade 4 (equivalent to on old grade C) in English with 86% gaining at least a grade 4 in Maths. 

In addition, over 82% of students gained two grade 4s or above in Science. 83% of our students achieved at least 5 grade 4s overall including Englash and Maths. These results represent significant achievement for our students of all abilities across many subjects. 

Top performers include -

Elody Alcaraz   two grade 9s, three 8s, three 7s, one A* and a B at AS
Elly Barrall   two grade 9s, four 8s and thee 7s
Hannah Brazil  four grade 9s, five 8s and an A*
Victoria Dominiczak  three grade 9s, six 8s and an A at AS
Nellie Eastland  six grade 8s, two 7’s and an A
David Kelly  three grade 9s, three 8s, three 7s and an A
Rianna Ng   six grade 9s, three 8s, one A* and a B at AS
Emily Palmer  five grade 8s, four 7s
Lewis Rees  four grade 9s, two 8s, two 7s and an A*
Max Rhodes  one grade 9, four 8s two 7s, one A* and one A
Hannah Vasani two grade 9s, three 8s, three 7s and an A*

The performance of individual GCSE subjects in 2017 can be found here.

National Performance Measures


Leventhorpe’s Progress 8 measure was -0.05 and its Attainment 8 score was 54.14.
The percentage achieving C or above in English and Maths was 70%.
The percentage entered for the English Baccalaureate was 34%.
The percentage achieving the English Baccalaureate was 23%.


Leventhorpe’s Progress 8 measure was -0.08 and its Attainment 8 score was 52.90.
Percentage achieving a pass (level 4) in English and Maths 80% (national average 71.3%).
Percentage achieving a strong pass (level 5) in English and Maths 54% (national average 39.1%).
Percentage entered for the English Baccalaureate 31% (national average 34.9%).
Percentage achieving the English Baccalaureate 21% (national average 19.5%).
Staying on in education or entering employment 97% (national average 94%).

National performance measures for 2018 will be published in November 2018.

A Level Results

At A level 48% of grades were gained at A* - B. Eight students achieved 2 A*s and an A or better in their A level exams with many of our students gaining places at top universities. 

Top performers include -

Zoe Austin   2A*, 1A
Ella Hope-Crocker  3A*
Elizabeth Haslam  2A*, 2A
Hakan Ilhan  2A*, 1A
William Mehew 2A*, 1A
Lauren Nicholson 2A*, 1A
Isla Pinnell  3A*
Amy Richardson 2A*, 1A
Ellie Vickers  2A*, 1A

National Performance Measures for 2017

Please click here to view the DfE performance tables.

The performance of individual A Level and vocational subjects in 2018 can be found here.

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